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2012 Gumpert Tornante concept - Apollo successor

A new version of the ferociously fast Gumpert Apollo is due to be released in 2012.

By Henry Catchpole

A new version of the Gumpert Apollo, called the Tornante is due to be released in 2012. It has been designed by Milan based Touring Superleggera and will be shown at the Geneva Motorshow at the beginning of March. Although hard to see from the one released sketch, it will be a design that adds a little more comfort and refinement to the currently very motorsport orientated Gumpert Apollo.

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Tony Sage Perth Glory Ferrari F430 Spider auction

PERTH Glory owner Tony Sage will auction off his beloved Ferrari F430 Spider to raise much-needed funds for the club.

Comments in the forum

Sage will put the 2008 model, which has clocked only 4000km, under the hammer at the club’s Most Glorious Player Awards on Saturday night.

The car is expected to fetch more than $300,000.
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Lotus Does the Time Warp

Discussion in the Lotus owners forums.

1975. Ah what a year (not so for Nixon advisors but hey you can’t please all the people). The Watergate verdicts aside, 1975 was the year we saw Jaws encourage people to stay out of the sea, Margaret Thatcher become the first female leader of the Conservative party and the future face of British football emerge as David Beckham first drew breath.

Lotus esprit concept timewarp

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Discussion in the Australian Lamborghini forums.

When the Italian police unveiled their state-of-the-art Lamborghini patrol cars, they cannot have been short of volunteers itching to take the supercars in pursuit of speeding criminals.

A team of elite drivers was trained to chase down speeding motorists and deliver urgently-needed transplant organs in the futuristic vehicles, capable of reaching more than 200mph.

What they apparently were not prepared for was a distracted motorist who pulled out of a petrol station without looking.

Today, a bandaged and bruised police driver may have had a tough time explaining how he managed to write off one of the force’s prized Lamborghinis when he rammed it so hard into a line of parked cars that one of the stationary vehicles ended up on the police car’s roof.
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Gary Tierney Classic Adelaide 2009 Porsche 911

Discussion in the Classic Adelaide forums.

Gary Tierney (driver) and David Carra (navigator) have been tragically killed near Forreston in the Hills during the Classic Adelaide car rally event, after their 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS left the road and hit a tree.

They were travelling on Norseworthy Road in Forreston near Gumeracha just after 3:30pm, when the car left the track and smashed into a tree, killing both the driver and passenger.

Mr Tierney was a highly-rated tarmac rally competitor and the pair took third place in their Porsche in Targa West, near Perth, in late August.

Tribute page on
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Speed Camera Funny Money

Discussion in the Australian speed camera forums.

SPEED-CAMERA operations look set to be privatised in WA, prompting fears that profiteering might overtake road-safety priorities.

Police Minister Rob Johnson revealed yesterday that his staff had been involved in “introductory meetings” with British firm Serco, which wanted to run WA’s multimillion-dollar speed-camera operations.

Mr Johnson admitted that privatising speed and red-light operations was on the Barnett Government’s agenda and was supported by Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan.

But the plan has already drawn fire from the Opposition, which claims that putting the personal details of thousands of WA motorists in the hands of a private operator is unwise.
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Discussion in the Australian luxury car forums.

$15m luxury car scam: Dealer arrested

European Car Specialist scam Sydney

A LUXURY car dealer has been arrested over an alleged $15 million fraud involving dozens of cars including Bentleys, Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Sid Khoury, who owned The European Car Specialist in Croydon until its collapse in April, was charged with 24 fraud-related offences by Burwood detectives yesterday following a seven-month investigation.

Two other men, Danny Bayeh, 35, and Najib Nehme, 32, were also charged, each on 18 counts related to fraud.
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Discussion in the Australian BMW Hoons forums.

High-heeled hoon has her mother’s BMW impounded for 48 hours

foot fetish bmw hoon pedal pump high heels

A WOMAN in high-heels has blamed a slip of the foot for travelling at more than twice the limit in her mum’s BMW.
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Discussion in the Australian Mercedes Benz forums.

Due to be revealed at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the 300SL-inspired “Gullwing” is packing a front/mid-mounted version of the venerable 6.3-liter V8 fitted to the majority of AMG’s offerings, mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox channeling 563 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. Weight is pegged at around 3,500 pounds, allowing the SLS to run from a rest to 60 in 3.7 seconds. Top speed is 197 mph and optional carbon ceramic discs should bring the party to a halt with supreme authority.

Gullwing Mercedes Benz AMG wallpaper
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Let us know what you think in the Australian Ferrari F458 discussion forums.

The 2010 Ferrari F458 is set to debut at the Frankfurt Auto show on September 15th, 2009. The world will be watching as Ferrari pulls back the curtain to finally reveal the successor to the Ferrari F430. Here at WreckedExotics, we only want to know one thing: When will we see the first crash?

The Ferrari F430, predecessor to the F458, has been involved in 96 documented crashes since 2004. The Ferrari 360 (predecessor to the F430) has been involved in 403 documented crashes since 1999.

Ferrari F458 crash wrecked exotic
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