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Ferrari F50 Crash Holland

Discussion in the Australian Ferrari forums.

One of the most exclusive Ferrari supercars has crashed in the Netherlands near Rotterdam. The Ferrari F50 drove on the A20 highway when the driver lost control of the Italian supercar. The vehicle hit a tree next to the exit Zevenkamp.

A child was driving along with his farther in the Ferrari. The child got injured, broke both legs and was brought to hospital. The 56-year old driver had minor injuries.

As you can see on the pictures, the supercar is ready for the scrap yard.
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Pagani Zonda wallpaper

Discussion in the Australian Pagani Zonda forums.

By Stephen Dobie from Evo.co.uk

Yet another heartbreaking hypercar crash: this time it’s a Pagani Zonda F

F@$K! That’s what we’d wager was shouted quite loudly from this Pagani Zonda F seconds before the main photograph was taken. The circumstances behind the accident that decimated the rare hypercar are – predictably – rather sketchy, but word is the driver was tootling back from a trackday when an out of control lorry came headed his (or indeed, her) way, forcing evasive action into a row of parked cars.
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Discussion in the Australian Lamborghini forums.

When the Italian police unveiled their state-of-the-art Lamborghini patrol cars, they cannot have been short of volunteers itching to take the supercars in pursuit of speeding criminals.

A team of elite drivers was trained to chase down speeding motorists and deliver urgently-needed transplant organs in the futuristic vehicles, capable of reaching more than 200mph.

What they apparently were not prepared for was a distracted motorist who pulled out of a petrol station without looking.

Today, a bandaged and bruised police driver may have had a tough time explaining how he managed to write off one of the force’s prized Lamborghinis when he rammed it so hard into a line of parked cars that one of the stationary vehicles ended up on the police car’s roof.
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Bugatti Veyron Crash Lake Submerged Water

Discussion in the Australian Bugatti Veyron forums.

This car may be more powerful than God, doesn’t mean it can walk on water.

From the youtube clip:

I recorded this 5 miles away from my house in Galveston County, Texas. We have a very rich neighborhood right next to the beach. I was stunned! Third or fourth Veyron Crashed 🙁

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Let us know what you think in the Australian Ferrari F458 discussion forums.

The 2010 Ferrari F458 is set to debut at the Frankfurt Auto show on September 15th, 2009. The world will be watching as Ferrari pulls back the curtain to finally reveal the successor to the Ferrari F430. Here at WreckedExotics, we only want to know one thing: When will we see the first crash?

The Ferrari F430, predecessor to the F458, has been involved in 96 documented crashes since 2004. The Ferrari 360 (predecessor to the F430) has been involved in 403 documented crashes since 1999.

Ferrari F458 crash wrecked exotic
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Discussion in the Australian Lamborghini Jalpa forums.

This is a translation from a German report.

Lamborghini burned brightly

During a visit to a fast food restaurant in his Lamborghini Spreitenbach caught fire. Der Motor brannte aus. The motor burned out.

Shortly after his high-priced sports cars on the parking situation, the engine caught fire. Schnell schossen hohe Flammen aus dem Motorraum und er brannte vollständig aus. Fast high flames shot from the engine and burned it completely.

Lamborghini Jalpa fire

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Discussion in the Australian Ferrari F430 forums.

According to comments in the video, this Ferrari ended at the bottom of the lake after having swerved to avoid splattering a kid on a bike – and was left there for nearly a week before being dredged up from the depths.

Ferrari F430 wrecked in water

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Discussion in the Australian Bugatti forums.

There is now one less Bugatti EB110 on the road, after the model shown in the video here crashed in Moscow. The car, one of only 139 ever produced, looks to have crashed into a cement gutter and embankment on the side of the road during the 2009 Bavaria Moscow City Racing event held on city streets around the Kremlin.

Bugatti EB110 crash wrecked exotic

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Discussion about rare cars well done in the Australian Lamborghini forums.

Rare Lamborghini wrecked after bursting into flames on ‘test drive’

You would expect it to stand out from the usual city centre traffic under any circumstances.

But this 2005 model Lamborghini Gallardo drew a crowd when it pulled up outside a nightclub and burst into flames. Witnesses saw smoke billowing from the car – formerly one of only 400 in the country – as it stopped in Peterborough.

Source: MailOnSunday.co.uk

wrecked Lamborghini Gallardo on fire

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Discussion in the Australian Lamborghini Forums.

Sports car crash kills 2 in SW Philly

Fatal Lamborghini Crash Murcielago Philadelphia
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