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Howdy all.

Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for ECU re-mapping for the Aston in the Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast area. The car goes fairly well as is - however I woundn't mind trying to eek out a few more herbs with a re-map.

Thanks in advance  :D

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Powerchip have anything?  They have a bunch of the other high-end euro stuff listed.


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friend of mine has done remapping for f-cars, lambos, porkas etc... will ask him if he can help

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Powerchip have anything?  They have a bunch of the other high-end euro stuff listed.


Hmmm, only works out at about $100/kw - but they only say an additional 16kw for my car. Hardly seems worth it.

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I know DMS do stuff in Aus... Don't know where they are based though. Know the head of DMS UK so can ask.

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Engine tuning figures relating to peak power increases are really only half the story.

The mid range and partial throttle gains are considerable, and actually what we feel the majority of the time.

You can EASILY reduce fuel consumption by over 10% with most ECU flashes.

A simple Commodore Club sport can be transformed by removing some of the bad lines of code.

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So far as powerchip goes  -  before going too far I would read -



I must say after I read this interview - I wouldnt trust my bicycle with powerchip.

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I have Powerchip in my SLK55 and am very happy with the result and Wayne in general.

I believe it does have slightly more power, but the main thing is that the fuel economy inproved on highway runs (from 9lt/100 to 7.5), but the thing I noticed the most is throttle response. I am taking my SRT8 for a chippin' next week too. :)

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Maccattack,  This really pisses me off .....

The fact that there are idoits out there that want to mod theirs cars (too go faster) etc... and have no fucking idea on it. They go to chip their car and expect massive gains for a few $$... Stupid ass mother fuckers need a real punch in the head.

Do some research on the subject, think about what can leagally be siad by Powerchip regarding emmissions. If you remap fuel and timing alot to get the gains (for track use only)... it will increase emmissions...  there are even soem exceptions dependant upon make and model... N/A and Turbo'd... Some manufactures run very fat A/F ratios at full open so they dont lean out...

Go onto a few other forums in which there members have review most of the products available.
Try : Bmwm5.com , DTM etc....

I know your entitled to your apinion, but hey         so is a monkey.... Do some fucking research before shooting your mouth off...

PS : I've used Powerchip on about 4 cars...and my wifes X5... and one they could help with (Lambo 6.2 Murci.) we dynoed, play around with programes etc.  They said it was a  trial and error process for that car and they did everything up front split costs with me etc. They did a hell of alot of research (Called Customer Service) for a model that maybe 3 people in this country would buy...
Even when I got my M5 back in Sept 05, they were entirely honest about what could be done... They worked on that model for 3 years before they could get power out of it, and gave the new program to me for bugger all (Frist program only removed speed limiter and played with Throttle responce times etc).

At no stage have they every miss-led me or anyone I know. I have recommended them to many people.

PS ; Why would you chip a N/A Aston.... Put a fucking blower on it if you want more power....
Or just by the new one (V12) which is faster .......

Kind reagrds,


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Firstly if you read the post, I am not after massive gains.

I am quite well aware of what is possible through chipping / ECU re-mapping.
I have been researching the matter for sometime – hence asking the question on this forum as to the opinions of other users (which I then weigh against information I can glean myself).
Anyone reading that interview would be high suspicious of the firm.
His answers are contradictory and vague. You have obviously had a good experience with them as an end user but the editorial does not paint them in a good light.

So far as putting a blower (or turboing) it is not an option I am considering. I already have  a vehicle in that category.

Thanks for the advice for the other forums for research, it is appreciated.

If you took the time to actually read what was said, I hardly see how voicing my opinion regards an article constitutes “shooting my mouth off” or being able to form the same opinion as a monkey.
Your opinion obviously counts for a lot more than anyone else’s.

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