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I have driven many Aston Martin Vanquish cars and I also repaired many of broken gear boxes. Vanquish gear box is Tremec T56 like in Ford XR8 and was never designed for hydraulic gear change actuator, Ferrari and Lamborghini use Graziano gear boxes with tripple synchromesh hubs to take abuse from actuator.
Vanquish will have striped synchromesh teeth by 20 000kms if clutch last that long. Price of new gear box is AU$ 20 000.00+GST (for Tremec???) or Aston Martin dealers in UK can convert car to full manual as in Vanquish S for about 38 000.00 Pounds and you have to get your car to them over there

Faaaaaaarrrrrkkkkk. And I though my boat gearbox repair at $10,000 was expensive.


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Since you are asking about "flappy paddle" I'm guessing you haven't driven any before (other than the SLK's pretend paddles on an automatic gearbox) you won't have any issues with how the car changes gears, you have nothing else to compare it to. I have driven both the normal Vanquish (few years younger than a 2001 model though so I don't know if they improved the gearbox over the years or not) and the Vanquish S and they are both liveable.

Lambor I think you have jumped the gun recomending new gearboxes already lol.

To the OP I hope you haven't bought the car from IMG and I hope you didn't get a guy called David Wren to inspect the car for you, the guy has no clue what he is looking at and can not distiguish between a car that has done 5 000miles and one that has done 100 000 miles,  hope you got a competent AM specialist to look it over before sending money over.

IMO no one knows as much or cares for AM's as much as Nicholas Mee in London.

You can say I'm wrong, but my garage doesn't agree with that statement!!!

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