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Had a quick squirt in a mates M-Sport 130i this afternoon and that was a great fun little thing too. Does need an LSD though.

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I think your right on the market competition - IMO the problem with the R is that since it now shares the same engine as GTI it's not better enough to validate its price point, plus I think 4wheel drive is redundant in this type of vehicle in the Oz market .....would rather 2 wheel drive...and whilst current BM's are not easy in the eye ....they know how to tune a chassis!

The Golf r has a big turbo and stronger internals as well as bigger intercooler

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I'd be very interested in how this drives compared to the 1M! Supposedly has all the motoring press raving about it but it is fugly IMHO!  :doh:
Images of the LCI certainly make it look a lot more palatable!
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this will be a tremendous second hand buy. saw the blue demo car on glen osmond road last week. Not as ugly in the flesh as in pictures. But hardly a looker. Then again neither are a lot of cars that are great to drive.....
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Or is it a M135i?  Not a real M car perhaps....

Anyway, I drove one today. What a great little car.  No oil painting but a fantastic drivetrain with really impressive performance.  Not cheap though.  You could spend almost $100K on the road if you go crazy with the huge option list.
I think Mark,its one of those cars/models that you do what the wise buyer does ,enjoy it for warranty period ,buy it with few options .........sell then move onto the next update.Would be a little pocket rocket ship,joy to own.
By spending little on options the ,the hurt money will be far less,at time to sell period.
Bit like the Porsche 911,a wise owner will tell you the best buy is the base model with few options.....having said that we only live once and if one cannot afford the tear up,whats it matter to buy what you want.

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Saw this on bimmerpost today:

Sport Auto Clocks BMW M135i Around Nurburgring in 8:18

We recently reported on the M135i recording a 8:05 bridge to gantry Nurburgring lap, but Sport Auto has now released its official time in the M135i for a full lap on the Nurburgring.

Sport Auto has piloted the M135i around the Ring in 8:18. The test car was RWD and equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission.

Here's how this time compares to other notable cars with similar lap times:

7:48 - BMW M3 GTS
7:50 - BMW M3 CSL
7:55 - BMW F10 M5
8:05  BMW E92 M3 (2007)
8:09  Audi RS4 (2006)
8:09  BMW E63 M6 (2005)
8:13  BMW E60 M5 (2004)
8:13  Mercedes C63 AMG (2009)
8:15  BMW 1M Coupe (2011)
8:16  Porsche Cayman S (2009)
8:17 - Porsche Boxster S (2009)
8:18  BMW M135i (2012)
8:18 - Lexus IS-F (2007)
8:22  BMW E46 M3 (2000)
8:22 - BMW M Coupe (1998)
8:25  Lotus Exige S (2008)
8:26  Audi S5 (2008)

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