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Especially if the i5 had BMW dynamics in terms of steering ride and handling....well maybe not ride !!!!!
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The big question for the existing auto makers is battery technology. Tesla has a good head start on them. Will Tesla make more money by supplying the big companies batteries, will someone invent a better battery very quickly? In the end it would be better for consumers if they all used one kind of battery until there is a way to recharge them in minutes. That way you could pull up at servo's and swap batteries for now.

It will be interesting to see the next evolution. In 30 years batteries will come a very long way and we will look back and think of the battery technology in these cars as dinosaurs.

We already have e-car and bike racing. How long is left in the petrol era? Building supercar performance will be very easy in the future with electric motors. The future of cars looks very interesting. You can see why the petrol companies must have payed off Chevrolet to kill off the EV1.

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Why would the i5 look like the pic? This isn't BMW's drawing - it's some random's.

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