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Spent 3hrs this morning with the new E92 M3 convertible out in the Swan Valley/Mundaring/Kalamunda - lucky enough to drive it down Mundaring Weir Rd. Amazing machine, I very much want a German V8 now!

Driven the M3 and M5, passengered in an M6....and despite being the least powerful this is definately my favourite of the lot.

The sound is so addictive, you're forever dropping down gears (7sp dual clutch tranny) to hear it blip and then roar as you accelerate....in the tunnel with the top down is orgasm material! The brakes are great and plenty of grip too, more performance than you'd ever realistically need.

Got some vids of the tunnel run and 200kmh+ hills run which I'll upload at some stage. :)

26 high-res pics: http://ozcarsightings.com/BMW%20E92%20M3.php







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Thought these photos looked familiar....


2008 BMW M3 Convertible road test & review


Model tested: 2008 BMW M3 Convertible

Recommended Retail Price: $176,142

Options fitted: Seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic $7308

Pros: Performance, quality, folding hard-top, space, the sound, oh the sound

Cons: M-DCT confused, dull steering, heavy, needs 98RON

CarAdvice rating: 4/5

Review by: Karl Peskett

Photography by: www.OzCarSightings.com

Ladies and Gentlemen, this announcement is being made public. Itís over. Yes, Iím sorry, but it is. The love affair is finished, gone, done with, and buried.

Itís no secret - I love V8s. And I used to love Australian V8s - the key term here being ďused toĒ. Ever since pressing the start button on some German equipment, that original flame slowly dwindled, until itís now a smouldering pile of ashes - sorry Australia.


First it was Audiís RS4. A clinical, pure sound which took the normal V8 rumble and polished off the rough edges. The 4.2-litre FSI engine was my favourite engine of all time, until now.

When heading to BMW to pick up its latest M3 Convertible, all sorts of questions flowed through my head. Will the engine be too highly strung? Will the car be rigid enough? Will the extra weight incur a performance penalty? Will my hair get messed up? What hair?

But after being presented with the stubby key fob, and led over to the black beast of beauty in the undercover car park, the question morphed. Even with the roof up, what will it be like? However, having realised that there were walls around, an acoustic challenge presented itself.


Five more pages on CarAdvice.

edit: thank god this place has limited appeal to the masses - see the comments to the review/article at the bottom... 50 posts of mindless BMW vs HSV vs FPV... all BS :rolleyes:

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edit: thank god this place has limited appeal to the masses - see the comments to the review/article at the bottom... 50 posts of mindless BMW vs HSV vs FPV... all BS :rolleyes:

But HSV rules man, what ya talk'n about - not Bullshit!!    :headbang:

 :rolleyes:   :rolleyes:   :rolleyes:

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