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so I've been trying to import one for ages, with the gumbyment telling me at all turns that it can't be done, and that the car wouldn't be compliance-able.
Even the head of the BMW club has told me that he isn't aware of anyone having brought one in successfully.

Anyone here know any different?

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Yea, I put it there a long time ago.
I saw one in Japan a year ago-it was sitting in an underground car park, the interior all wrapped in plastic. Clearly someone had just imported it.
Mein got they look good in person.

Next time I'm living in Japan (I alternate) it's on the list.
I intend to get a new GTR, Z8 and Smart Brabus Roadster.
probably get all 3 for less than the price of a new M3 in Australia.

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I saw one IRL 3 years ago at the club meeting of the Sporting Car Club of SA. Black with Tan interior - apparently belonged to BMW Australia as a showcar - not registrable at present but ???perhaps when it is 30+years old in SA and ??25+ years old in other states. IMHO - one of the most gorgeous cars ever from the BMW stables - next to the 507 and the E9 CS.
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