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Bastards :(



June 13, 2008 08:30am
FOUR men held a Gilberton family hostage while they ransacked their house - and then stole their BMW car this morning.

Just before 3am, the men scaled a 2m-high wall that surrounds the Gilbert St property before breaking into the house.

AdelaideNow understands some of the men forcefully detained the family of four while the other offenders ransacked the house searching for valuables.

They found the keys to the family car, a white BMW sedan, and then stole it. The intruders rammed through steel security gates at the front of the property to escape.

A neighbour of the family, Carolyn Teusner, said: "I heard noises like something being jammed and then, not knowing really what was happening, I was surprised not to hear the police for a while either."

The men abandoned the BMW after they crashed it into a stobie police on Wright Rd at Modbury.

Any witnesses are asked to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

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This isn't far from my place. The victims are well known and respected in the neighbourhood. 

We are all reviewing our security.

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Bastards :(

The men abandoned the BMW after they crashed it into a stobie police on Wright Rd at Modbury.

I also hope the family is well.

Sorry to sound stupid but can someone tell me what a "stobie" is?????

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Otherwise known as a Light or Electricity pole

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Otherwise known as a Light or Electricity pole

OK, thanks for that Cortina.  I don't feel so silly now as its an Adelaide specific term.

I  know in Sydney they have the "silent" policeman which is a hunk of steel in the centre of the road at a stop sign.  Designed to stop people cutting corners.

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Gilberton home invader has shocking record, court hears

A MAN who led three children on a violent armed home invasion must receive a harsh sentence for being a serious repeat offender, the District Court has heard.

Prosecutors today said Christopher Layton Noble should be jailed under Rann Government laws allowing "disproportionate sentencing'' of recidivist criminals.

Adam Kimber, for the Crown, said Noble had been out of jail for just days when he recruited three teenage boys to threaten and terrorise a Gilberton family in their own home.

"He has now committed three violent crimes, and protecting the community from Noble is required,'' he said.

"The plain inference is the cycle of violence has not been broken, and this court can have no confidence he will not offend again in the future.

"There is no more vulnerable a target than people in their own home, woken up in the night.''

In June 2008, Noble and three boys aged 12, 16 and 17 forced their way into a Gilbert St house.

They held a husband, wife and children hostage, threatening them with a knife and a club.

Noble demanded to be taken to the home's safe, saying: "Where's the money you f---ing rich people?''

The group ransacked the house and stole the family's BMW.

The teenagers received 15-month jail sentences in the Youth Court, while the 12-year-old was released on a suspended sentence.

Noble, 35, of Enfield, was convicted of aggravated counts of serious criminal trespass and robbery, and one count of theft.

Today, Mr Kimber asked Noble receive a higher-than-normal sentence that took into account his poor criminal history.

He also asked Noble receive a non-parole period that was four-fifths of his total sentence.

Judge Stephen Milsteed will sentence Noble in two weeks.


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hmm... i hope the family is swell... :boggled:
heyy, im a chick tht hearts cars hehe...

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I hope the family is ok and that the have caught the bastards that did this to them  :gnasher: :darkside: :boom:

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