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So a guy on another forum sold all this gear to me as he parted his mods out.

I bought from him a Seibon CF boot & KW V2 coilovers.

I have had some SS Brakelines & Castrol SRF fluid for a while so I figured a while a go I would chuck it all in now.

So the seibon, unwrapping it it was all intact and they ship them with wooden blocks bolted to the hinge mounts to protect the corners. Other than that, the weave is average as it has a few imperfections and the clear coat on the boot is average as there are bits where they haven't wiped the dust under it.

Fitment, reading around the say 94% on other forums. No way. It took me 6ish hours to fit this thing. The boot itself bolted up and fit perfectly, in fact everything lined up & it shut etc without any problems. The gaps are great, the boot seals against the rubber so I was happy with that, however it was everything else that took the time. The lock mount needed a heap of work as it doesn't seal off properly, the reverse light mounts also needed a bit of grinding as did the number plate lights, probably spent about an hour on each item. Had to measure and drill all the holes for the lining, number plate, badge, etc. But it looks wicked. I was going to expose some CF but will now just drop the whole thing off and get it painted so it looks more factory.

I am waiting on the endlinks now and they should be here tomorrow so I will let you know how the handling is with the V2's. I cannot see how their can be a difference between what I had (kings & stock shocks) and the kw so I am interested.

Boot pics.

Suspension pics. I also installed TMS Camber tops.

King superlow & stock shock.

Inside (stock)

Inside with the Rouge RSM top plate installed.

King (left) Vs KW (right)

Binding marks on KW

Non settled ride height with adjusters fully down.

Im going to raise the car 10mm from the previous height all round as it was a bit too low.

Front suspension
SS Brake lines installed, strut out ready for the KW.

I used the factory dust boot as I do not want dust getting past the shim into the bearings. Assembled without the camber plates.

Camber plate on, ready for install.

Turner plate installed in car, ready to tighten the top nut.

In the car, installed.

Can't wait for the next track day now!!!!!!!

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Nice work.  How much weight have you saved?

Haven't weighed it with scales, but the CF boot is significantly lighter.

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Very nice, look forward to your driving impressions.

I had the KW's in my Evo, noticeable improvement on track (lap times).

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I actually like the 'well done' ricer look - leave it clearcoated!   :D
C'mon, do it!

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