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pretty sure bangle got the flick

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Looks a little like a Toyota Inbred Clown Car.   :boggled:

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BMW's segment-straddling 5-series Gran Turismo to come with all turbo power
By Stephen Dobie

The German big three seem to constantly strive to out-niche each other, and BMW appears to have notched up another win by launching this, the world’s first luxury SUV estate coupe.

At least that’s what it’d have us believe. The BMW 5-series Gran Turismo apparently straddles all four of those sectors, yet in reality it appears to be an X6 without four-wheel drive but with an extra dose of practicality and plushness. Its proportions and luggage space wedge it between a 5-series Touring and X5 in size and height.

Like all Propeller-badged cars it’ll probably offer a cracking drive, and while the engine range is fairly small for now – three units – they come from the BMW greatest hits collection.

More: http://www.evo.co.uk/news/evonews/235927/bmw_5series_gran_turismo.html

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the world’s first luxury SUV estate coupe

Oh piss off! I remember when the first x6 billboards were about, sprouting that no one else did anything like it, and I thought that cause no one needs one!

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I hear that there is a X6iDrive45MRoadsterCoupe coming soon too... it's the world's first luxury boat with wheels, hard and softtop convertible combined, built on a X5 platform, using Z4 body, widened, and it can take off vertically. great for getting your ex-wife's mother's dad's kids to schools in another country.  :faint:

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i spotted these in brussels late last year. quite liked it in person!
still wouldnt buy any standard BMW over a Merc though...