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Just get your dad to take you to the track for some driver training  :D  :scared: no exemption there  ;)

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hahah what are you guys talking about im not gonna full go fast and try to kill myself im a normal matured driver trust me ;) BUT HOW TO GET AN EXEMPTION!?
i heard u can try and be a mechanic to say you have to drive all kinds of cars?

I live in NSW, and considered a couple of turbo cars while I was on my Ps, and trust me when i tell you that unless you have a genuine reason, you can forget it. The only way around it in your case would be if the car is attached to a company, so you can get a permit to use in your capacity as an employee for that company. that only car in the family rubbish won't work either.

Anyone else you have seen is either doing the above, or they are employed by a mechanic/panel beater/etc.

Anyone else you have seen which is not any of the above is just chancing it, and given the penalty for getting caught was some sort of insane fine and 7 demerit points, its just not worth it.

Just take the P Plates off the car now and forget that dream for a little while. If you're really keen on this idea anyway, and your dad is the sort of guy who would actually let you, then shout him a track day and get your drive in there where its a secure and legal environment in which you can learn how to drive a high performance car.

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Dave unless your working, you should be out getting a steak somewhere

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Dave unless your working, you should be out getting a steak somewhere

did that last night...  :thumbsup:

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I knew a guy I have tutored: for deleting computer games during HSC year on his computer, mum gave the keys for the day to him. As you might have guessed, the car did not return to the garage. Brand new Porsche 911 written off.

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P.S. I doubt you will be able to drive it legally anyway :p
and if you could, every cop is going to pull you over the whole time your in it.

I doubt his insurance would cover you being under 25 anyway.

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dude, if your old man owned a modern ferrari and gave you permission to drive it, would you seriously be saying the same thing above?

people seem to be saying that he shouldn't drive it. i wonder if they'd be saying the same thing if the opportunity arose for themselves :scratchchin:

personally i think the dad is crazy for letting a p plater drive it, but if a p plater had permission why should he give up that opportunity?

not many p platers can say they got to drive an f430

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Just don't put the "P" plates on and drive it anyway.

Most Cops will except sexual favors.  :thumbsup:

By the way - I have access to a profession panel/paint shop so if you wreck it, you just have to make an excuse why your dad can't go into the garage for a few weeks.   :scared:

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