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Elises are driven all year round in the UK, as such they will all have high corrosion - like any other UK car.  Lotus tend to
Rule 7 of buying from a dealership - Don't.

I bought mine from a Lotus dealership in the UK.  They took out the engine warning lamp to hide all the engine issues. Plus drove 250 miles in the days before I picked the car up.

Name names, (if you remember) would be funny if it was the same dealer she is looking at buying from.

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Elises are driven all year round in the UK, as such they will all have high corrosion - like any other UK car.

Not true. Plenty of UK cars are stored for the winter, and probably see less salt than a lot of Aussie cars which are taken to the beach every other weekend.

Like anything, do your research and only buy a good one.

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I think you'll have to bring in as a SEV.  Here is the register of vehicles that can be brought in as a SEV


You need to bring a SEV through a RAW and you need that import approved before you bring the car in.  You can search for the 2 RAWs here


One is in QLD and the other in Sydney.  You will need to ask them how much to have the UK complianced in Aus but I'm guessing $10k!!!!

Bottom line it's not cheap.  It's not hard it's just a frustrating process.  I looked at bringing a TVR from the Uk to Aus but after looking at cost, difficulty and age of TVR ended up doing a Z06 from USA.  It cost a lot more but one heck of a lot more car!

As other forum readers have said, you've really got to judge if there is a car already here that's within a comparible price range.  For me there wasn't and that's why I brought a car in.

I'm far from an expert on importing, but post your Q's and someone may be able to answer which will be good info for other readers.

Good luck, if it's your dream and passion JFDI (just f'ing do it).

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Can someone please give me a quick explanation of SEV & RAW?

Is that RAW list, car that may be allowed into Australia?

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SEV is a specialised enthusiast vehicle, I think they are vehicles not commonly available or have not been sold here in Aus.

RAW is a registered automotive workshop approved to do compliancing of imported vehicles or SEV's.  The RAW may have an approval to do a left to right conversion.

Hope that helps.

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The cost to do an Elise is $13k, that does not include import fees, etc, etc.

If you can get one for 10,000 pounds, that would be around $25,000 landed, taxes paid. Plus RAWS $13k, ORC, etc, etc.

So you ain't going to get a lot of change out of $40k

The SEVS list is only a list of cars eligible to be imported, anyone can apply to have a car Added to that list but it does not mean the cars can be imported, that can only happen if a RAWS picks up the approval to do them. For example the Esprit is on the SEVS list but there is no RAWS so they can not be imported that way. They can however come in as a PI.

Oh yeah, the SEVS on the Elise is from 1996 to 2006 so if you find one made after 2006, you won't be able to import it. 

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