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What do you guys do for the full leather dashes? I want something that doesn't film up the window.

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I mostly leave the dash alone. Lexol conditioner once a year maybe.

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What do you guys do for the full leather dashes? I want something that doesn't film up the window.
I like a grease like Johnson KY jell or the neatsfoot oil.
The other secret is to cover it when parked in the sun.
My old Rangie is 10 years old and is parked outside,dash is perfect.

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Another quality product I like is www.renapur.com

ideal for soft leather..have used it for years on soft boots and shoes.

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Guys I have been reading about leather and watching video on cleaning leather.
Yes Mondi I gave up the porn to watch leather cleaning vids!!!


There are no absolute rules here but in general it goes like this.

Your old leathers are tanned leather.
They are treated and dyed. The colour is "IN" the leather.

The modern leathers are layered.
Bottom layer =Treated leather usually not coloured at all.
Middle layer = sheet of colour (probably some synthetic)
Top layer = sheet of clear film

This is then all bonded together.
So the "dirt" you see is most of the time just on the top clear layer.
If you have damaged the clear layer then the stains may get through and you wont get them out.

But most of the time all you are doing is cleaning the surface (clear) layer

I went nuts chasing the holy grail on this and after weeks reading all the guff and watching every video I could find I decided to buy a SwissVax leather cleaning kit. It did win the award for the most favourable results by a country mile once you stripped out all the "product flogs".

So i attacked the 5 Series grey leather that was sorta black from people wearing dark coloured fabrics sitting on the seats.
This had not been cleaned in 5 years.
The kit contained a cleaning solution, a mild scrubbing brush, a leather milk, applicator pad and cleaning pad and some other cream that I think is too greasy.

I started off on the drivers seat (the dirtiest bit) very soft and careful and it came up OK. I left it for an hour and came back and cleaned it again this time using the brush and it came pretty clean. I wiped it down with a moist chamois and let it dry. I then did it again with the brush and it was now very clean and a matt finish. I was happy with that so then did all the rest of the car and it came up very good. I left it to dry overnight and came back and lightly applied the milk and wiped it all off with microfiber. Then I did it again with the milk. It came up with a satin finish and when dry was a little shiny but like a matt with a shine. It looked good.
The BMW leather is a bonded leather.

So I have just tried the milk on some of the F430's leather as I thought it felt dry (but clean)
I applied two very light coats of the milk using the applicator pad and a clean cloth to wipe off.
It looks and feels pretty good and you can clearly see the difference.
The modern Ferrari leather is also bonded leather. Maybe the earlier F cars are natural leather.

If it looks OK I will do all the rest of the inside and report back.

And I don't have any connection to Swiss Vax.
But I will leave it overnight and look again with the car out in the sun and see if I still like it.

Stand by ................. :scratchchin:

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