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Nice one Big A…here's a pic to celebrate!

Thanks mate.
I think the black rear end works well.

Offline cel

We are definitely due mate. I spend a lot of time down the gong and the wife's old man lives down there. He has himself a murcielago which we go for runs together with down through Jamberoo and Kiama.
We should organise another run. The last run we had was a fantastic drive up north.

Funny story. That day we all met up and were about to head out for the run after Cars & Coffee, I looked around at the group of guys with us ( Awesome bunch of guys by the way ) but I thought these guys look pretty tame. The boys were saying we wont go to hard and to take it easy and I was thinking to myself these guys are going to be boring. Let me tell you they were F' ing nuts. I mean I am not good with names as my memory is shot ( unless your name is Alan then I can remember that ) but what's his name in the Gallardo looks like this tame young fella but was absolutely nuts. Its the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
So it definitely wasn't a boring drive and would be keen to do it again. Next time ill be the one saying take it easy boys.

Haha that was a good day!


I was thinking about setting up a drive with the AE guys on a Saturday or Sunday morning, maybe towards the Hunter Valley, and have some lunch there?

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Hey cel, that was a good day mate. You did a great job with the camera.
Would be good to do another run and with spring around the corner we should be hopefully getting some good weather for a drive.

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Lunch at the Hunter sounds like a cracking idea.
C'mon, do it!

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