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That was mine!!! What the hell is your problem!!!!    :?
Man up and get a Mustang :D

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why not drive a V12 or V8 turbo, and get there faster, get off the road quicker????

I do, but they are pretty shit for doing 3000km round trips around europe having to stop every 300km to refill, needed something that does 1200km+ one  tank for freeway long distance and that I don't mind mounting gutters to find imaginative parking spots in backwards Italian villages that don't have very good roads and narrow one way streets that something exotic would never get through. Not to mention that i'm not worried leaving the car parked in some of these cities and towns that park by hitting the cars infront and behind them while trying to do a parralell parking job. I still will never feel comfortable leaving the handbrake down when I park my car in Paris or Rome/Florence etc...

But what I was bringing up is Hybrids today are still useless, not that they won't have a purpose in the future if they finally get the technology right, but a good diesel produces less C02 compared to the hybrids on the market at the moment, and they can actually go pretty decent on higher speed freeways and for going up hills and mountains.   Doesn't the 1.6liter petrol Vw Golf Rabbit produce less co2 than a P.Rius anyway???? Not to mention it looks nicer, doesn't need batteries changed every 7 years and goes much better...

I wish everyone else drove more efficient cars so I can garantee myself heaps of unleaded in my cars until the day I die.   :thumbsup:
You can say I'm wrong, but my garage doesn't agree with that statement!!!

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This whole thread just cracks me up, the first page is a corker! :p

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I'm happy to appreciate it for what it is and what it can do, just like when I had a gay flatmate who was extremely flexible with pout lips.  Either way I'm not interested, but can understand how others are. :D

Hillarious! haha

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Wait...what?  :?

Japanese coach builder Campinn has decided to build a campervan conversion kit for the petrol-electric Toyota Inbred Clown Car hatchback so that friends of the Earth can get back to nature.

The fibre-reinforced plastic camper kit converts the regular five-seat Inbred Clown Car into a four-berth road-trip bus. The finished product is a hatch that’s nearly five metres long and more than two metres high.

Access to the, er, bedroom comes via a rear door, where you’ll find a permanent top bunk double bed and another double bed where the boot and rear seats used to be.

There’s also the option of a coffee-table that flips out and a couch for the back-end living area.

While that massive tumour-like bulge on the lid has been shaped for aerodynamic efficiency, we’re not sure the original Inbred Clown Car tail-lights fit the look.

Campinn showed off the car at theTokyo Auto Salon last week. It is available to order for Japanese buyers.

http://brisbanetimes.drive.com.au/motor-news/go-camping-in-your-Inbred Clown Car-20120119-1q70g.html

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Very Environmentally Friendly.

Convict by heritage, Guilty by Choice

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Very Environmentally Friendly.

Yeah but it's a lot cleaner burn than your typical 458 italia bonfire

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Wait...what?  :?

http://brisbanetimes.drive.com.au/motor-news/go-camping-in-your-Poofter Car-20120119-1q70g.html

Imagine driving this Poof..... ummmm .... Homosexual Transport Vehicle (HTV) up the Queensland North Coast Highway. The turbulance from the Semi's going the other way would blow you clean off the road. A standard HTV is very susceptible to cross wind, without all this added windage.

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Yeah but it's a lot cleaner burn than your typical 458 italia bonfire

Yeah something about that nickel-metal hydride, they made it so that during incineration it distributes it's toxins really efficiently. :D

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