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Hey there,

What if you can have access to a new Tesla Roadster for 2 years for under $24K a year?

The Tesla Roadster has finally reached Australian shores. Great news for people wanting a sports car that's a little bit different.

It's not all good news for buyers though. Apparently individuality is going to cost us $222,995-00 thanks to government regulations & taxes such as, luxury car tax, import duties & GST, thus denying a lot of us a car of this calibre.   

Here's how you can have the fun of a new Tesla without the financial burden...

*Buy In $39,990-00 (incl. GST)

*Storage, cleaning/detailing, maintenance, roadside assist, insurance & all on road costs are taken care of.

*2 years ownership / 96 days drive time.

*Annual membership fee is $3,990-

*The Tesla is fully charged when you collect it & a recharge cable supplied.

Please let me know if you're interested or you have any questions.




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so you get to drive it less than 1 day a week, and how longs a charge last? 2 hrs maybe? if your lucky....

or, just buy a lotus elise and drive it every day for 2 years for the same costs....

tuff choice :scratchchin:

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The price is fine but the car isn't interesting enough.

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Importantly, the entire 3687km trip, which used a total of 1067kWh, cost just $213.40 in energy.

Say fuel is $1.60/L, going by the highway cycle (rough figgers pulled from quick Googling):

Lotus Elise @ 6.1 L/100km = $360
BMW M3 @ 8.2 L/100km = $483
Ferrari 458 @ 13.7 L/100km = $808
Lamborghini Murcielago @ 21.7 L/100km = $1,280

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Can anyone find a report from tesla on how they went in targa tas this year???

I know the cars were often seen parked at the road side when they shouldn't have been....

but are there any facts released from them????

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I've been reading some reviews about this model coming to Australia in 2013.  I see they are taking deposits now.  This looks like a serious new entrant in the luxury segment.


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I was checking them out yesterday. Seems everyone in Hollywood is jumping into these things.

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