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we went over this before...

does anyone have a "ratings" box?

does anyone know anyone with a ratings box?

HTF do they REALLY know who watches what?

I flicked using *pre ch* on my remote between TG and Idol to miss the ads.... so which did I watch?

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I thought it was a good safe first effort.

This has been rushed as well in the TGUK they usually have around 3 months worth of editing from what I gathered speaking to TG MAG (no relation with the show only content) they have only been filming from August. So most of what TGUK is loved for its editing does not really hit the spot for us.

They may have segments on the Nissan later I hope and the Lambo chances are they might not of been able to afford the insurance yet! Lots of early TG UK was with low to mid priced cars until their popularity hit over 1mill regularly.
I think the show will improve the more the presenters work together but I wonder why they had to have three blokes why couldn't they have a Jo from Gasolene on it??

Finally the ratings box is complex and who really knows if it works however when they say it reached 933,000 means that according to their ratings formula 933,000 watched the show at some point. So if you flicked between commercials you would of rated at 6 visits. The average viewing audience which stayed watching the show was 303,000.
And yes there is no real way of finding out how many people watched airwaves however the ratings system is industry wide and until someone comes up with a better way it is all the marketers have to rub their slimey hands with.

I do know from past producing experience that the demographic is amazing the amount of people they have is not that many however they can tell you how many people watched the show that own a red bicycle that is how specific it is.

I am keen to keep watching I think that the point was made this is an Australian produced Car enthusiasts show at PRIME TIME! if it works expect more maybe a 5th gear (about time)on a major TV Channel.

If you have ideas or feedback go to:

they will be hunting for constructive feedback to improve the show.

Oh one point as well that I believe I noticed. I dont believe the director is a car loving person. That is what makes TGUK look so good in my opion someone who can look at a car and say that wing mirror is sexy! those rims are awesome etc.

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finally watched it yesterday. I enjoyed the show overall, especially the 4WD bit. They really need to work on the camera angles for the track fast laps as it looks boring. Was quite happy with the TG UK format as it gave me a sense of familiarity. The bit on the celebrity driver is as boring as the UK version. The Tassie drive in the Porshce PDK was fun to watch as it brought back good memories.

Will definitely watch it next week.

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finally got to watch it today, hasnt got much on the UK version but still give the a few weeks to settle in and it might turn into a decent show, plus its better than any other Australian car show by a mile. 
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The Ford GT has 800hp?  Tell me more....

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I think that this episode is much much better than the first.

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I figured they have done some work to the GT as from what the yanks say, thats where you get the flame from.

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Mark: the black GT now has a Roush power upgrade kit fitted. The standard car has 550HP, and substantially fewer flames.

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Mark: the black GT now has a Roush power upgrade kit fitted. The standard car has 550HP, and substantially fewer flames.

What's the go with that, do you have to purchase from Roush?? Or buy one from Ford and have it "Tuned" by Roush?

I thought the Black one was a "one off" promo?

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Mark: the black GT now has a Roush power upgrade kit fitted. The standard car has 550HP, and substantially fewer flames.

OK, got it.

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