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More than a quarter of NSW's speed cameras have been switched off and will be torn down after an audit found they had no significant road safety benefit.

Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat released his audit of the state's speed cameras on Wednesday, finding that generally "speed cameras change driver behaviour and improve road safety".

He said there was no evidence to suggest cameras were merely cash cows, or their location determined by their revenue-raising ability.

But he also said 38 of the state's 141 fixed speed cameras "appear to have no significant road safety benefit".

Roads Minister Duncan Gay said Mr Achterstraat's report vindicated community concern that some of the state's speed cameras provided cash revenue more than a road safety function.

He said the cameras being removed raised $10 million during their time in use.

"The premier (Barry O'Farrell) indicated, with my support, that if we found that cameras in the state were not fulfilling a definitive road safety role, and were just seen as a revenue raiser, they would be removed," Mr Gay told reporters in Sydney on Wednesday.

"The report indicates that 38 of the 141 cameras in NSW are not fulfilling that role.

"Their primary role is revenue raising.

"As of this morning, I indicated to the RTA that those cameras are to be turned off. We indicated they would be removed and, as we have time, over the next month, we will remove those cameras."

However, Mr Achterstraat's report said there was no evidence that any speed cameras were simply revenue-raisers.

"We found no evidence that revenue is a factor in determining where to locate cameras," he said in a statement.

Mr Gay said the ineffective cameras were turned off on Wednesday morning.

The move will result in a net loss of speed cameras across the state but Mr Gay has left the door open for the cameras removed on Wednesday to be relocated to sites where the community is concerned about speeding motorists.

Premier Barry O'Farrell ordered the audit in April to address motorists' concerns the cameras were used as mere cash cows under the previous government.

Any that were found to be simple revenue-raisers would be "ripped out", Mr O'Farrell promised at the time.

Mr Achterstraat on Wednesday told reporters: "It's fair to say, on average, speed cameras are effective".

"But unfortunately we don't live in a world of averages.
"My audit has shown that some of the speed cameras are highly effective, some are reasonably effective, but some don't seem to be very effective at all."

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