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All it takes is ONE person to fight this draconian confiscation with constitutional law and the govt will have egg on its face - ONE PERSON!

(I'm not a hoon and dont drive a powerful car - I just hate stupid laws)

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Where's Darryl Kerrigan and Dennis Denuto?

Ah the constitution...it's the vibe

Tell them their dreamin

Persistence Beats Resistance

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Car dealer second victim of flawed hoon laws

A VICTORIA Park car dealership has become the second victim of the State Government's flawed hoon seizure laws, after a potential buyer was clocked speeding during a test drive.

Police today confirmed  they had ordered the Auto Classic dealership to surrender a $45,000 Mini Cooper S under anti-hoon laws.

The vehicle was allegedly detected travelling at 170km/h in a 100km/h zone on Roe Highway, Beckenham, at 3.44pm on January 30 - hours after a 27-year-old man had taken the car on an ``extended test drive'' overnight.

Police visited Auto Classic's Burswood Road dealership on Wednesday to investigate and returned yesterday, issuing a notice ordering the car to be delivered to a Kewdale holding yard by Thursday, February 11, so it can be impounded for 28 days.

Although Police and Road Safety Minister Rob Johnson has pledged an overhaul of anti-hoon laws, under the wording of the current laws, police do not have any discretion as to whether they impound the car, irrespective of who is behind the wheel or who is the owner of the vehicle.

Today, Auto Classic principal dealer Darrin Brandon slammed the laws, saying innocent parties should not be penalised for actions beyond their control.

``The dealer and Auto Classic are innocent, yet we are being penalised for it,'' he said.

``We were forthcoming with the person's details. We don't condone that sort of behaviour but we are being penalised and having that car removed for 28 days.

``To me, if they want to penalise the individual then they should go and take their vehicle.

``Quite simply, punishing innocent parties is certainly not in the spirit of the law. We don't condone reckless behaviour, we don't condone any of that.

``Police had suggested to me that we should be a little bit more selective about who we loan cars to, but we are in the car selling business and we don't interrogate people ... It's not our job to lecture people.

``I have no control over them necessarily. They have a valid driver's licence and they meet all of the criteria for test driving a car yet we get caught up in having a car confiscated.''

Mr Brandon said the laws exposed the dealership to serious risk, with 390 demonstrations conducted last month and their offer of 43 service cars a day.

Mr Johnston accepted this was a ``difficult situation'' and said he sympathised with Mr Brandon and the Auto Classic dealership.

He said he could not seek the amendments to the laws until State Parliament resumed on February 23, but would introduce them as a matter of urgency.

``Letís not lose focus here,'' Mr Johnson said.

``Mr Brandon hasnít been let down by the law Ė heís been let down by someone who chose to drive one of his cars in a dangerous and reckless way.

``It is impossible to consider every contingency with any legislation.

``This is why I agreed to amend the legislation.''

Mr Johnson said his support for hoon laws had not altered.

``This is about making the roads safer and sending a clear message that hoon driving wonít be tolerated,'' he said.

``Situations like these two incidents wonít arise as soon as the legislation passes Parliament."

The incident comes just days after Dr Patrick Nugawela collected his $200,000 Lamborghini, which ws impounded by police after they allegedly caught his mechanic speeding in it on January 6.

The 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo was impounded for 28 days when Dr Nugawela's mechanic, Leone Magistro, was allegedly caught driving it at up to 160km/h in a 90km/h zone along Reid Highway, Balcatta.

Crazy cars, would you drive one? Click for picture special

The Greenwood GP has had to wait until Wednesday (February 3) to get it back, despite a backflip by Mr Johnson to amend the laws so that innocent owners do not have their cars impounded.

Mr Johnson had initially refused to budge on the laws, but has now agreed to seek amendments making it possible for an offender's car to be substituted for an innocent person's vehicle involved in a hooning offence.


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Related to:

Parents should not be liable:Law Society

The WA Law Society says any changes to the anti-hoon legislation need to provide broad protection to car owners.

The Government was forced to revise the legislation after a doctor's Lamborghini was impounded because his mechanic was caught driving it at 160 kilometres an hour.

The Police Minister Rob Johnson says the proposed changes to the legislation will extend protection only to vehicle owners who lend their car to a mechanic, provide it as a courtesy vehicle, or let a person test drive it.

Parents will still have their cars impounded if their children are caught hooning in them.

The President of the WA Law Society, Hylton Quail, says vehicle owners need to be protected.

"What we are concerned about and what we certainly want to see in the bill is that it provides wide protection for innocent car owners."

"If you weren't driving the vehicle you shouldn't stand to lose your car. That's what we want to see, not just specific protections for people who have left their car with mechanics or that sort of thing."


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New Vic laws tougher on hoon drivers

Police will be able to immediately impound the cars of hoon drivers for 14 days under tough new Victorian laws.

Source: http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/new-vic-laws-tougher-on-hoon-drivers-20101008-16b05.html

The new laws, passed through parliament this week, extend the time period police can impound or immobilise an offender's vehicle from 48 hours to 14 days on detection of a hoon offence.

Serial hoon offenders face having their vehicles crushed or sold, with the proceeds used to assist victims of crime, Roads Minister Tim Pallas said.
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The courts will also be able to impose stronger vehicle impoundment sanctions. A first offence of extreme speeding - 70km/h or more over the speed limit - can now result in up to three months' impoundment or immobilisation of the offender's vehicle.

The changes come into effect next year and also allow police to immobilise cars by fitting a steering wheel lock.

The new laws are part of the government's Arrive Alive road safety strategy, which aims to cut the road toll and reduce serious injuries on Victorian roads by a further 30 per cent by 2017.

Hello :)

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Crushings a message to hoon drivers: Rann

Two cars have been crushed in Adelaide as a reminder to drivers about amendments to anti-hoon laws.

South Australian Premier Mike Rann says 11,000 vehicles have been impounded or clamped since the original legislation was introduced in 2005.

Mr Rann says he hopes the new regulations will send a message to reckless drivers.

"Quite a few of them [confiscated cars] are sold but the Police Commissioner makes the determination because this is about hitting them where it hurts, by basically not just clamping and impounding their cars but actually crushing them as well," Mr Rann said.

SA Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Burns says many of the cars that are not crushed can be sold to provide funds to support victims of crime.

He has spoken about the cars which were crushed.

"I think you'll find that both the vehicles were owned by people who had extensive traffic records and there had to be a balance in terms of what cars can be crushed and what cars can be forfeited and sold so that the money actually goes into the victims of crime fund," he said.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/10/15/3039216.htm

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These guys in Canada actually had their cars forfeited to Govt for being caught "racing" at 200kph.


So they take the cars, sell them back to a Ferrari dealership, then give 70% of the proceeds back to the owners ???

Sounds strange. :confused:
"There's too many self-Indulgent wieners in this city with too much bloody money! Now, if I was driving a 1967 275 GTB four-cam... "

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So they take the cars, sell them back to a Ferrari dealership, then give 70% of the proceeds back to the owners ???

Sounds strange. :confused:

Well because of the value of the car the fine works out to be over $40k .... 

Unfare to fine someone $200k by taking the car for the same crime and $70k to the other guy just because their cars were different values.... they have to put a limit on it.

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