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how do you get your license now? I dont think you just do the test anymore where you parallel park, do a u-turn, hillstart etc.

Go to Bali on holiday, prove you can select a gear and make the car move, collect licence, return to Oz, swap for Oz licence.

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Go to Bali on holiday, prove you can select a gear and make the car move, collect licence, return to Oz, swap for Oz licence.
So that is how you got yours.

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Anyone know the story with exemptions in SA? My 16 yo is 6 months from getting her P's. Will she be able to drive the family E500 wagon - which was ours before the law changed?


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Thanks for this. :)

Anyone have practical experience applying for an exemption? I'm damned if I'll let the government tell me what to do without a fight.

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New technology making nonsense of VicRoads' P-plater car restrictions

by Toby Hagon

The rules mean low-powered fuel-efficient small cars are being caught in the P-plate net while cars with much more power and better performance are being overlooked.

VicRoads is recommending P-platers jump behind the wheel of a race-ready Lotus or an electric supercar that’s as fast as a $900,000 Ferrari while forcing inexperienced drivers to apply for an exemption for four-cylinder cars with less power than a Toyota Corolla.

The newly launched “probationary vehicle database” housed on the VicRoads website gives a green tick for P-platers to get behind the wheel of the Tesla Roadster that’s claimed to reach 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds – identical to the upcoming V12-powered Ferrari FF supercar.

VicRoads also steers novice drivers to the Lotus Elise Club Racer 111 – a sports car described as “an individual expression of sporting intent”.

But the new website instructs P-platers to apply for an exemption to drive the least powerful Volkswagen Golf on the market, the 77TSI that has a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine with just 77kW of power – 23 per cent less than a Toyota Corolla.

The new taxpayer-funded, Australia-made Holden Cruze that could overtake the Commodore to become the best-selling vehicle on the market also requires an exemption for novice drivers to avoid a $239 fine and three demerit points – but only for the least powerful model. More powerful Cruzes are exempt.

Other modestly performing vehicles such as the Toyota LandCruiser are banned altogether from inexperienced drivers because of their V8 engine.

VicRoads was this week spruiking the new website as “a helpful resource for P-platers when buying their first car”, according to Minister for Roads Terry Mulder.

“Young drivers are over-represented in the Victorian road toll, making up 28 per cent of all driver fatalities,” Mr Mulder was quoted as saying. “A proportion of this can be attributed towards inexperienced drivers handling high performance vehicles.”

The inconsistencies in recommendations are indicative of controversial regulations struggling to keep pace with new technologies designed to save fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

VicRoads bans P-platers from all vehicles with an engine with eight or more cylinders, or one with a supercharger or turbocharger, as well as certain high performance six-cylinder models.

Some turbocharged models are exempt but only once P-plater apply to VicRoads.

The rules mean low-powered fuel efficient small cars are being caught in the P-plate net while cars with much more power and better performance are being overlooked. Hybrid cars and electric vehicles are also ignored in the regulations that have long raised the ire of novice drivers and car makers.

VicRoads acknowledges the regulations will have to change, possibly reverting to a power-to-weight ratio method of estimating performance.

“There are some anomalies [with the current system],” says Ross McArthur, VicRoads manager of vehicle safety and policy. “We’re constantly watching the market … [and] we’re going to do something.

“Power to weight makes sense, there’s no doubt. From a physics point of view it’s easy to make an argument, from a practicality viewpoint [with enforcement and recommendations] it’s harder.”

It’s not the first time VicRoads has been caught out. Two years ago when its regulations banned novice drivers from driving various modestly performing family cars, such as most Volvos, various turbocharged Mercedes-Benzes and the Mazda CX-7 turbo, the roads authority was quick to introduce exemptions.

Austroads, the association of Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities, is currently consulting with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries to recommend revisions to the scheme that could involve a return to the power-to-weight ratio method of calculating vehicles considered inappropriate for novice drivers.

The revisions are expected to be months away at best.

FCAI chief executive Andrew McKellar welcomed any change to the scheme he describes as “a relic”.

“It was a dumb idea when it was first invented,” he said, confirming a power-to-weight ratio calculation method is “where [the industry] wants to go.”


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yeah I just saw that as well Ash. Crazy country this is turning into
Enjoying Life!!!!

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This is becoming mad!!! Getting the impression that govt and bureaucracy have nothing better to do with their time!! More importantly, it stinks of inadequate investigation/research!  :doh:
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If you think that's crazy, go for a run on the Newell Highway in western NSW. You will see maybe five or more 600 horsepower B Doubles lined up behind a P plater doing 80, and terrified to do 82.

If you then need some entertainment, and perhaps to learn some new words, switch on your hand-held UHF radio.

If you come around a corner and find one of these monsters on the wrong side of the road in a passing manoeuvre, the problem is yours, not his.

It is hard to believe that anyone can come up with some of the laws we now have in place.


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My Porsche Cayenne Diesel is excluded..... :confused: unless the driver is on L's with me in the car?

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I still don't get how a learner can drive the high powered stuff, I can understand why they don't allow p'platers but what is the supervisor going to do if the learner looses control or accidentally pushes his foot too fast on the accelerator????? Nothing

Spotted a New white M3 with l's last friday  :doh:

Then again I learnt on cars with power to weight ratios much bigger than fez's anyway and no problems... touch wood no future problems either
Enjoying Life!!!!

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