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THRILLSEEKERS with heavily modified cars are using one of Queensland's best-known roads as a racetrack to reach speeds of more than 300km/h.
The thrillseekers say they are chasing the "ultimate adrenalin rush" and that there is little police could do if they busted their high-speed dashes on the road between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

A police officer told The Courier-Mail that officers are aware of the "M1 300 Club" but, without a dedicated police helicopter, it was difficult to track the offenders.

The officer said offenders knew that police were probably unlikely to get involved in pursuits at such high speeds.

The club has simple rules – they race in the early hours of the morning on the straightest sections of the M1. Scouts peruse the highway to make sure it is clear of police and other traffic.

Club members said they were not "young long-haired hoons" but middle-aged professionals and businessmen with the money to afford expensive modifications to their cars.
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These include lightweight wheels, heavy-sprung suspension, altered gears and engines with 800 horsepower – the types of modifications not found in cars bought from a showroom.

The members have to prove their cars are capable of reaching 300km/h before they are invited by email or SMS to the highly secretive and well-planned M1 races.

But one club member told The Courier-Mail that police would struggle to catch them and that they were not endangering other road users.

"What we do is a lot safer than the person who tailgates or talks on their phone during peak hour," the member said.

"People seem to think we are out to harm others and are menaces on the road but we just want to have some fun, and the thrill of doing 300km/h is hard to beat."

The revelations follow stories this week that the M1 was returning the highest-recorded speeds on Queensland roads – from 235-243km/h.

About 10 drivers usually attend 300 Club meets held between 3am and 4am on weekdays on "long straight sections of the M1 away from civilisation".

"A few of them are bikes, which is a little annoying as a car owner because it's much easier to get a bike to do 300km/h than a car," the member said.

He admitted the risk of being caught was part of the thrill and said an increase in fixed speed cameras would not deter them. "Fixed speed cameras are a joke. Everyone knows where they are," he said.

But police yesterday condemned the practice of trying to reach such speeds on public roads. Southeast Regional Traffic Co-ordinator Inspector Greg Baade said he had never heard of the M1 300 Club but warned that police would endeavour to find those involved and prosecute them.

But other police said such irresponsible acts highlighted the need for police helicopters to track and record offenders.

"Most criminals know that police won't pursue vehicles travelling at high speeds because of the risk to other road users. If there were signs along the M1 warning of the use of aerial detection it would make a world of difference," an officer said.

The Queensland Police Union has long campaigned for police helicopters but Commissioner Bob Atkinson has described them as a "low priority".


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Can't think what that might be about.   :scratchchin:

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hey i got one of those. the M1 is a pretty good stretch of road, very wide and smooth, nothing like the goat track we had to play with in alice

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