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if only we could privatise speed cameras.... now that would be a business to get into.

I don't know how it works over there but that is already the case here.
The vehicle units are owned and operated by private companies and they receive a share of the income.

It's not a big percentage, I don't really know what the figure is either.

I do know a bloke who was a camera operator, but told them to stick it as the pay was not enough to compensate for the crap he had to go thru.

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makes sense, yeah i saw an add in the careers guide on the weekend for speed camera opperator. so its not police officers doing it.
was a part time position, 28-34k pa.

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interest of road safety=bs

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SA speed camera operators attacked by angry motorists

ANGRY motorists - some armed with bricks and rocks - are attacking speed camera operators in increasing numbers leading to calls for better police protection.

The public servants are demanding police upgrade their cars with reinforced glass to prevent windows shattering in the event of a missile attack.

It comes after a rash of attacks against the public servants has sparked concern from the Public Services Association about the "health and safety" of its members.

Among the more alarming incidents revealed by the PSA were:

 A PROJECTILE fired through the rear window of a car narrowly missing a female operator while she was parked on Main North Rd, Elizabeth and;

 A BALACLAVA-wearing assailant hurling a brick through the windscreen of another operator's car near Mt Gambier in February 2008.

PSA acting general secretary Neville Kitchin wrote to Police Commissioner Mal Hyde last month seeking an "urgent meeting" to discuss the attacks.

"The PSA is concerned for the health and safety of its members conducting traffic camera operations," he wrote in the April 2 letter.

"A number of incidents have been reported were SAPOL vehicles conducting traffic camera operations have been target by members of the public.

"The PSA considers that the incidents are serious and every measure should be taken to ensure the safety of our members."

He said the PSA wanted safety film applied to windows to prevent them "being penetrated" by projectiles thrown from passing vehicles.

"It would also improve safety when members of the public attempt to break through the glass by striking the windows with bricks, rocks etc," he said.

There are up to 40 staff in the Traffic Camera Unit who are deployed across the state to detect speeding motorists.

The details of the attacks come as police figures obtained by the Sunday Mail through Freedom of Information laws reveal operators are reporting increasing levels of abuse and assault.

Figures show there were 59 reported incidents of assault, abuse and threats in 2008, compared to just seven in 2005.

A former camera operator and Traffic Camera Unit supervisor who only gave his first name Ian said operators had been lobbying for protective film "for a long time".

"I've had bottles thrown at me, I've had my car rammed and one guy hit me a couple of times and took my windows off," said Ian, who worked in the unit from 2001 until 2008.

"There should be at least two people (in the car) in more hazardous areas, such as the northern suburbs and southern suburbs or in isolated locations and certainly at night time."

In an emailed statement Police Minister Michael Wright said any intimidation or assault on Government employees was "totally unacceptable".

"People need to remember the reasons these cameras are set-up, is to deter drivers from from doing the wrong thing, making our roads safer, and potentially saving lives in the process," he said.




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Quote from: Antipode of advrider.com
This morning I had to visit a customer in Gosford so I decided to take the Old Pacific Highway, something I havent done in a long time.

I remember when it used to be 100 km/h and then when it went to 80 km/h the first kms. and 60 the rest.

From the Berowra truck stop to Mooney Mooney is was today a mix of 80 and 60, but after crossing the bridge I found this:


I was going to turn around but when I stopped to take the picture I noticed the sign looked brand new, no dust or grime. So, out of curiosity, I followed the road and a few km. later I found a van installing them.

Now long sections of the OPH are 40 km/h and the rest 60 km/h. In a couple of places you'll find a sign advising you to take the next turn at 45 km/h. 20 m. after another one with a speed limit of 40 km/h

It was so difficult driving at 40 km/h (you have to pay more attention to the speedometer than the road) that I guess it will be a long time before I repeat the experience.

Oh, and I also saw two police radars.

Careful this weekend if you decide to ride the OPH, where not long ago it was max 80 Km/h you could now loose your license for 3 months, 4 points and $621. And I am sure it is going to be 'collection weekend' for the police.


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Wow, a new low point in traffic "management".  How can even a law abiding citizen drive for 26km at 40 km/h?   Just going past roadworks is hard enough for me.  :thumbsdown:

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We just did this trip a few weeks ago.....

I hit ?40 on the old bridge....

The only way you can do 40kph for 26klms is on a push bike and then I think you will still get booked going down hills...

Just another revenue raiser...... 

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$50m Victoria speed camera blitz aimed to lower road carnage

EXCLUSIVE: LEADFOOT motorists face a massive crackdown, with a phalanx of extra fixed and mobile speed cameras to be deployed within weeks.

In the biggest expansion of Victoria's speed-trap network since the late 1980s, 31 new fixed cameras will be erected and another 22 existing sites upgraded.

And mobile cameras will be snapping away for an extra 3000 hours a month a 50 per cent increase on current hours.

The blitz which police hope will drive the state's road toll below 300 is also expected to result in hundreds of thousands more fines and extra revenue of more than $48 million.

"It's going to be really, really aggressive," Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay said.

"I'm sure some parts of the community will probably have a bit of a whinge, but we're really confident this will take us to the next level."

The blitz will focus on major events, road accident black spots in regional Victoria and Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Authorities hope the campaign will prevent hundreds of deaths and injuries.

The camera campaign will see new devices erected across the state within weeks and includes:

A ROLLOUT of 31 new speed and red-light intersection cameras some to regional areas police say have never had a camera;

UPGRADING 22 wet film cameras to more efficient digital devices;

AN increase in mobile camera hours from 6000 to 9000 a month.

It is the single biggest boost to the state's speed-camera network since the devices were introduced in 1986.

The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal the locations of the 53 new and upgraded cameras.

Areas under greater surveillance include suburbs, such as Casey in the east, with lots of younger, often reckless drivers, police said.

Extra mobile camera hours will also be used for big events such as the F1 Grand Prix, the AFL Grand Final, the Motorcycle Grand Prix and during Christmas.

Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas said the Brumby Government move would save lives and make roads safer.

"We are committed to road safety, setting an ambitious goal to cut the road toll and reduce serious injuries by 30 per cent by 2017 as part of the Arrive Alive strategy," Mr Pallas said.

"Victorians can be sure that people who put others at risk by speeding or running red lights will be caught."

Authorities said cameras were part of continuing tactics to tackle the road toll and reduce crash trauma.

"We're looking for that silver bullet that takes us to that next level, which will put us alongside the world's best," Mr Lay said.

"This sort of rollout of so many cameras will help us.

"I'm confident next year we will be talking about the difference they've made."

By the end of October mobile cameras will patrol for 9000 hours a month up from 6000 in high-risk areas across the state.

Speed camera revenue has been a boon for successive Victorian governments, with a motorist caught speeding every minute and an estimated $437.2 million in fine revenue expected in the current financial year.

But police said the initiative was strictly about preventing deaths and injury.

"The money side of things I don't give a tinker's cuss about," Mr Lay said.

"My only interest is road trauma levels."

He said the last major rollout of speed cameras led to a big drop in fatalities.


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Rocks thrown at operators

SPEED camera operators are taking industrial action to protest serious safety threats.

Following two incidents of rocks being thrown at traffic camera unit cars, the Public Service Association has voted that speed camera operators would only work camera cars in pairs or if two cars were close together.

They will also stop putting out camera signs on the roadside and will not use a tripod unless working in pairs.

PSA general secretary Jan McMahon said it was not safe for camera operators.

"The incidents have resulted in a broken windscreen and a smashed rear window - in one case, an operator was checked for glass in his eyes at hospital," Ms McMahon said.

"It is unacceptable that members are continually required to work in an unsafe environment.

"SAPOL Management are well aware of these safety concerns, but have failed to act promptly."


Especially note this was slipped in there:

They will also stop putting out camera signs on the roadside...

So no more...


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