A little harsh or do you agree????

She is an idiot - Strongly agree with the law.
1 (4.3%)
The Law is the law…..???? - partly agree with the law.
3 (13%)
Don't really care - have no opinion.
0 (0%)
Well, is was a little harsh but….. - partly disagree with the law.
8 (34.8%)
What a Crock!!!!! - Strongly disagree with the law.
11 (47.8%)

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There was no "safety" reason or anything else like that, I know that piece of asre road very well, there was nothing coming the other way, it was an easy overtake.

It was just a case of - Hey, I'm out here now, why not just stab the pedal a little and WEEEEEEEE!! Then, OH SHIT!!!!   :(

The Cop was obviously a real hard arse - I saw what the young lady was wearing and I was giving a demo of the "I'm very sorry officer" look that she gave him.

If I were the Cop, I would have let her go and gone back into the Bushes!!!!!!    :D

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oh ok, well, clearly, the cop was a fag as well as a cop.   :mischief:

Not that there's anything wrong with that  :tilt:

Offline j15

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Don't knowif you were nodding to the news today, but a lady actually got off in court yesterday with this!

Thats daily tele/talkback hysteria. Many people have the benefit of that section for similar reasons.

In context, it was her first offence, she had a good record.
It was a low range PCA reading
She was from what I understand, embarassed and remorseful
Plead guilty at the first opportunity
+ a whole host of other subjective factors that would have been tendered.

Magistrate Maloney then threw in a comment to address a submission that losing your licence to drive would have been a harsher penalty in a remote area where there is no alternative transport. Somewhat fair enough, but that was really only an issue on the fringes of his decision. Chiefly, he would have taken into account the sum of all the things I mentioned above as the main reason for dismissing the charge.

She doesn't get away clean skin. A 12 month bond is probably in place, so if it happens again in the next 12 months she'll get the full force of the law. She'll also never have the benefit of that section again - ever. If it was a mid range PCA, there would not have been a hope in the world of escaping a penalty.

As another example I only did a matter like this a month ago for a guy who got nabbed at an RBT on a sunday morning after he spent saturday night drinking. He blew something like 0.059 from what I recall. He basically had all the subjective factors of the other lady, less the geographical location, and hadn't even had one speeding ticket in his 7 year driving history. His charged was also dismissed.

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Always wondered what would happen up there is you're doing 200+ and a camel suddenly appears in front of you.

I recall back in the good old days (1992)I was up there on a holiday and we were pulling into the truck stop at tennant creek and there was flat front road train, hosing blood off the entire front of the truck. he hit a cow at close to 180kph and it "exploded' his words.   :boom:

Weird thing was there was no damage to the prime mover at all, disgusting thing was the wiper marks through the blood on the windscreen.

Offline dodger

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Sure it wasn't a hitchhiker ? Strange things happen out there.

Offline scud

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It wasn't a huge line of cars, it was one car and one truck with plenty of visibility. The road was clear for miles, accept for one Cop hiding in the bushes.

How is this pretty dangerous????
this sounds like a guy on fchat being hard done by from the cops all the time for speeding.

always someone elses fault for speeding but his.

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