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75yo takes police on highway chase

A 75-YEAR-OLD high-speed hoon has been arrested in the state's Mid-North after a police pursuit.

The man was pulled over for a traffic offence on Highway One near Port Pirie on Thursday night.

He was spoken to by police, but then drove off at high speed.

Patrols chased the man for 15km, as he refused to stop.

He was finally pulled over near Crystal Brook, where he allegedly abused and assaulted a police officer before being arrested.

He also refused a breath test and his licence was disqualified immediately. He was given police bail to appear in the Port Pirie Magistrates Court at a later date.


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Two killed running from cops near Bridgewater in Adelaide Hills

THE two men killed after they sped away from police near Bridgewater this morning were known criminals who had been pulled over while acting suspiciously.

Police have just revealed that the men, aged 19 and 23, were in a car stopped by a lone officer, investigating a recent crime spree in the area, on the South Eastern Freeway shortly after 2am.

They say the two and a third man sped off after the officer found the car to be unregistered and a police log shows the crash happened 24 seconds after he called in their actions..

The early-model Holden Commodore travelled just 950m before smashing into a brick wall at the Bridgewater Shopping Centre, on the Carey Gully-Bridgewater Road, at high speed as it failed to take a bend.

The victims were still alive immediately after the crash as the officer rushed to help them and he talked to them, but they died soon after.

A third man in the car, aged 19, earlier reported to be in a critical condition, is expected to survive.

Police say all three were known to police, all were currently on bail and from the northeastern suburbs.

Property was found in the boot of the car and police said they were conducting a separate criminal investigation in conjunction to the fatal crash investigation and a Commissioner's Inquiry.

The bodies of the dead men were trapped in the twisted wreck for hours and police have closed the road to traffic.

Bridgewater resident Cheryl Hoyle told AdelaideNow that the horrifically twisted wreck had "made me feel ill".

"It could have been one of my kids, I guess," she said.

"It's such a waste of life and a tragedy.

"This should never have happened."


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High speed carnage
Article from: The Advertiser

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March 28, 2009 09:00am

A 23-year-old man has been killed and three others injured in a high speed crash at Magill over night.

The horror smash ocurred on Magill Rd, Magill at about 12.30am this morning when a Nissan Skyline and a Subaru WRX collided with a stobie pole outside the Leahurst retirement village.

Both cars were smashed into several pieces, with car parts spread up to 400m away.

Both cars were believed to have been travelling at high speed. Police are yet to confirm whether the two cars were drag racing.

Magill Rd is likely to be closed at Gladstone Ave until midday as investigations by major crash detectives continue.

The road toll stands at 31, compared to 21 this time last year.

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'Killers on our roads'Article from CHRIS PEPPER
March 28, 2009 12:30pm
POLICE have described last night's fatal high speed crash in Magill as the worst they have ever seen.

A 23-year-old-man died in the horror smash involving a Suburu WRX and a Nissan Skyline, which police say were exceeding speeds of 150 km/h in a drag race along Magill Rd in Magill just after 12.30am this morning.

Both vehicles struck a stobie pole and disintegrated, with the engine and exhaust of one car thrown metres down the road.

The driver of the Suburu, a 23-year-old man from Woodville Park, died instantly.

The male driver of the Skyline lost a leg at the scene.

It is understood he managed to drag himself free from the wreckage.

Two other passengers a male in the front and a woman in the back suffered serious injuries.

All three are being treated at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The road will remain closed until later this afternoon as the clear up takes place.

"You can see the results of some absolute stupidity," said Superintendent Mark Fairney from the Traffic Support Branch.

"These are killers on our roads.

"This is absolutely ridiculous. Police are astonished.

"I've had 30 years in the job and my investigators have been attending crashes all of their careers. This is the worst we have ever seen."

Arlyn Tombleson owns a business on Magill Road and heard the crash.

"No-one's every seen anything like this before," he said.

"There's no need for this to happen."

The road toll stands at 31, compared to 21 this time last year.

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I drove past it earlier on. I have never seen anything like it. The police had it blocked off for what looked like almost 1km. You could see big pieces in different places and small parts of the car scattered for hundres of metres along the road. I could never imagine how hard they would've hit the stobies.

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Should have had a speed camera there - this would never have happened.

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Should have had a speed camera there - this would never have happened.

at least it would have got some great photos!

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Hyde brands hoons 'common criminals'

HARDCORE repeat traffic offenders should be treated as criminals and not given "a pat on the head" in court, Police Commissioner Mal Hyde believes.

Revealing new research into those who engage police in high-speed pursuits, Mr Hyde says the "attitude and thinking" of the State's magistrates needs to change, to intervene in serious cases to stop them reaching their inevitable conclusion.

He believes chronic traffic offenders should be sentenced as criminals to break their cycle of re-offending because - as the research reveals - it was highly likely they would later be involved in a high-speed police pursuit that would result in a major accident.

"The only point of intervention I can think of here is really the court, and how particular magistrates treat serious traffic offenders when they come before the court," he said.

"For some of these people, it is pretty hard for them to change their habits.

"You see some people come before the courts repeatedly, whether they are drink-drivers or speed-dangerous drivers, and not much happens . . . because the magistrates are thinking this is a traffic offence.

"The point I am making here is that we should not think like that; we should think about it as criminal behaviour because the risks are so great."

This week, two men aged 19 and 18 died after fleeing a routine police traffic stop in the Hills, while early yesterday, a 23-year-old-man died in a drag-race crash at Magill.

Mr Hyde's forthright comments came while discussing the findings of a major study into police pursuit in Adelaide over the past decade.

The study - the first of its kind - examined 74 high-speed chases between 1999 and 2008, in which there were either injuries or fatalities.

Its aim was to "profile" the drivers who engage police in high-speed pursuit - of which there have been more than 400 instances so far this financial year.

The study, which took several months to complete, found that:

ALL but four drivers had significant traffic offence histories.

23 DRIVERS had recorded more than 20 traffic offences - with 11 recording more than 40 offences each.

THE majority of drivers was either on parole, bail or home detention during the high-speed chase.

EACH driver had a record for other offences, including for robbery, sexual assault, burglary, property damage and drugs.

SEVEN drivers were younger than 15 and four were older than 50.

IN the 14 chases that ended in fatalities, the drivers were killed in 67 per cent of the chases, passengers in 20 per cent and innocent people in 13 per cent.

THERE were 100 serious injuries in the pursuits. Of those, 55 injured were drivers, 32 were passengers and 13 were in vehicles not involved in the pursuit.

Mr Hyde said the study found that just four offenders had no history of traffic offending, while - at the other extreme - two offenders had been involved in more than 60 traffic matters each.

"This is the point I make. How do we intervene, how do we stop this from happening?" he said.

"One way is to look at their driving behaviour. When they come to court for driving badly - I don't just mean traffic offences or speeding; if they come to court for a speed dangerous and they have a prior for speed dangerous - don't give them a pat on the head; because there is a fair chance there is going to be a fatality or serious injury somewhere down the track. These people who drive at extremely high risk, we should not think of them as traffic offenders, we should think about them as criminals; because their chance of either killing someone or seriously injuring somebody is very high.

"This is the sort of shift in thinking that I want people to make in terms of serious traffic offending."

Mr Hyde said while there had been many hundreds of pursuits during the 10-year period, the drivers in a large number of cases could not be identified because they were not apprehended.

However, an analysis of the drivers included in the study made it clear the vast majority were habitual traffic offenders whose risk-taking behaviour had escalated.

"Even though they are the ones most likely to be killed or injured, that's still something we should avoid if we can," Mr Hyde said.

"If they are repeat offenders, why aren't we doing something earlier in their pattern of behaviour to really try and get the message through, and try and change their behaviour?"

Although he believed harsher penalties were needed for repeat offenders, Mr Hyde would not be drawn on what they should be. He indicated they need to be "significant enough" to indicate "this sort of behaviour is not acceptable and will not be acceptable".

"We need to think about what sort of interventions will get a change in behaviour; otherwise, they are just going to hold the community to risk - it is just going to go on," he said.

"You can see the pattern of behaviour; they will just keep going until something happens - so let's try and stop it before it does."

An analysis of repeat traffic offenders' criminal offence histories added weight to the manner in which they should be treated when coming before court on serious traffic matters. "They are not Joe Average on the street; we should stop simply thinking about them as traffic offenders and do something more productive and serious and significant with the penalties."


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Another Skyline trying to claim the real estate currently occupied by a stobie just reported on the ricer forums.

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