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Another Skyline trying to claim the real estate currently occupied by a stobie just reported on the ricer forums.


Cars seized in blitz on rush-hour hoons

POLICE have impounded and clamped an average of eight cars a day in the past nine months, after targeting the haunts of hoon drivers.
Latest police statistics show 2269 motorists have been punished by anti-hoon laws since July last year – almost 1000 more than the number caught each year for the past two financial years.

 They also show that areas revealed by The Advertiser as popular haunts for street dragging, including the northeastern suburbs and the Port Adelaide area, have had the most cars impounded.

A total of 471 drivers were caught in the Holden Hill police local service area in the past nine months, 304 in the Port Adelaide area, 280 in the South East and 226 in Elizabeth.

The remote West Coast service area had the lowest number of offenders, with 50 hoons caught since July last year.

 More than a dozen popular haunts for street races were identified by The Advertiser yesterday in the wake of the horrific drag crash in which Minh Bui, 23, was killed in Magill in the early hours of Saturday.

 Mr Bui was killed and three other people were seriously injured when two high-powered cars, a Subaru WRX and a Nissan Skyline, clipped each other and ploughed into a Stobie pole on Magill Rd at 150km/h.

 The hotspots, revealed to The Advertiser by street racers and concerned residents, include streets in the Adelaide Hills, Wingfield, Gepps Cross, Fulham Gardens, Magill and closed industrial parks in the southern suburbs.

Police Minister Michael Wright said police would continue to target known hoon driving hotspots and he made no apology for having the harshest penalties in the nation to deal with the "reckless rogues".

 The number of hoon drivers caught in the past nine months is significantly higher than total offenders caught in the past financial year, when 1466 motorists were penalised.

 It also takes the number of people penalised under the anti-hoon driving laws to more than 5000 since they were introduced in 2005.

 Under the laws police can clamp or impound cars for a range of offences including driving unlicensed, driving dangerously, graffiti vandalism and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If offenders then commit another driving offence, they face the risk of their car being sold, with profits going to the victims of crime fund.

 "These idiots not only risk their own lives but endanger the lives of innocent South Australians with their reckless and reprehensible behaviour," Mr Wright said.

 Motorists continue to ignore the warnings.

 An unlicensed man, 20, yesterday was caught riding a motorbike at twice the legal limit close to a primary school in Ingle Farm. He was doing 110km/h in a 50km/h zone on Beovich Rd.

 On Tuesday, a probationary driver, 17, had his car impounded and lost his licence after driving at twice the limit in a 50km/h zone in Whites Rd, Paralowie.

 Meanwhile,  a young man was rushed to hospital after slamming his Nissan Skyline into a Stobie pole yesterday.

Witnesses said the red sedan accelerated out of a fast-food restaurant carpark on Port Rdaround 4pm before attempting to pass two trucks at high speed.

The car then went off the right-hand side of the road, struck the concrete pole and spun in the direction of oncoming traffic.

The force of the impact snapped the Stobie pole in two places. Witnesses said a man in his early 20s was pulled from the wreck by passers-by and a team of paramedics who arrived minutes later. Last night, the man was in a stable condition with minor injuries.

Kilkenny resident Herbert Hicks who lives adjacent the crash site said: ``We used to have quite a few accidents along the road here, with people coming too fast out of side roads.
``They just need to slow down  some of them just never seem to listen.''


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nice image name hehe.

All these dudes writing themselves/cars off  and comments about sports cars by the old folk are making me wonder what the government will do and I hope for my sake at least it doesn't target or hinder the responsible folk driving them.

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I was interested to read a column today in The Advertiser by Amber Petty. She talks about an interview with an anonymous self-confessed street-racer she had on the radio during the week. He talks about how the people racing don't care at all about the lives they endanger, but instead their cars!! :eek:


The scary part is not about dying it's about the car!
Article from: The Advertiser

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April 02, 2009 12:00am

EVER wondered what goes through the heads of young men driving on our streets at record speeds to impress mates? I spoke on radio this week to an anonymous male caller, 20, who is, and still will be, doing just that.

This is how the exchange unfolded. "So, you've lost friends to street racing, one last month who was incinerated in the Hills and your mates saw first-hand the Magill Rd carnage at the weekend. What is it about it that still doesn't freak you out and make you think twice about doing this?" I asked.

"It's hard to explain, the adrenalin rush of doing 100mph down a straight road." he said.

"In regard to the case of the Magill Rd tragedy, co-racers are heading down a road two abreast. Any concerns before hitting the accelerator of how that might end up?" I wondered.

"Oh, we don't do anything too dramatic like that. We do it at four in the morning, when no one's awake. Half the time, it's blocked-off roads or in the Hills when no one's around," he said.

(Interesting, given his mate died doing the Hills last month.)

"How does a night of drag racing start out?" I asked.

"It's not like you see in the movies, in like we head out there with 30 mates. We just organise two or three of us, just go for a cruise, find a nice street and then 'bang, let's do it'," he said.

My radio co-host, a father of a boy, 4, wants to know what the racer would say to him if one night he was coming down the road in the opposite direction and his son was killed because of his actions.

"I wouldn't know what to say. It's never happened. I've never crashed a car. At the time, it doesn't even go through your head. It doesn't even cross your mind. You're just so full of adrenalin. It's to prove a point to everyone else that you're the quickest," the racer said.

"Is there a way to stop people like you driving like this?" I asked.

"People have been talking a bit about reopening tracks back up, like I'm a bit annoyed about Mallala raceway and cops sitting in the grandstands and outside the track waiting to defect our cars," he said.

"We can't even go to these venues and race any more, as cops are just waiting to 'pin' us, and put our cars on trucks and send us away.

"So, if you're going to take our cars away, then why not put it around a Stobie pole?"

"OK, so wrapping yourself around a pole and potentially dying is better than having your car taken away?" I queried.

"Well it hasn't happened to me yet. We live and we learn. I don't know, you can call me immature, being 20 and trying to impress your mates, but that's just the mentality," the caller said.

"So, could this guy and other boy racers honestly live with them-selves if they killed a friend or an innocent person?" I asked next.

"I think the most scary part to a kid who's just got his car is not the dying part, is not that you can kill someone else, not that you could hurt yourself - you think about your car.

"As selfish as it sounds, as stupid as it sounds, it's true.

"I've had so many people say 'I'm not going out tonight because my car's not ready, or my gear box is stuffed up', not because you're worried about hurting someone. It's more about our cars."

Here's a message to all you boy racers thinking you're so cool because you know where the pedal is on a car: If you are indeed lucky enough to 'live and learn', let's hope for your sake it's not in the confines of a wheelchair, behind bars in jail or with the knowledge you took away the life of someone who was dearly loved, who you can never, ever bring back.

I wonder how that winning feeling will feel then, losers.


    * Every South Australian should have the Traffic Line phone number, 131444, programmed into their phones and immediately dob in anyone driving dangerously.
    * I asked the anonymous "speed racer" how he would feel looking down from heaven at his mother sobbing at his grave. Was that worth impressing mates? The answer: "Maybe not".
    * Would a trip to the Road Trauma Unit by offenders have more impact than simply impounding their cars? Time for a new marketing campaign aimed at hoon drivers. The old saying "speed kills" clearly translates these days to "speed thrills". Update, before it's too late!

I was even more interested to see this bit.

"People have been talking a bit about reopening tracks back up, like I'm a bit annoyed about Mallala raceway and cops sitting in the grandstands and outside the track waiting to defect our cars," he said.

I think it is a problem with the cops actually going out of their way to go after Japanese imports because it just makes the drivers look to alternative illegal methods. But on the other hand, there is nothing to stop cops defecting cars when their on the street either.

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Teens arrested over fatal crash

TWO teenagers have been arrested after fleeing the scene of a car crash in Sydney's southwest, which left one boy dead.

Police and ambulance services were called to the crash on Marco Ave, Revesby, at 2am (AEST), after a maroon Toyota Corolla crossed onto the wrong side of the street while negotiating a left-hand bend and ploughed into a tree.

Emergency services removed a teenager from the passenger's seat of the car but the boy died despite efforts to save him.

The male driver and another boy believed to be in the car were not at the crash site when police arrived.

At about 5.30am (AEST), police arrested two teenage boys, both believed to be 16, at a home in Revesby.

They were taken to Bankstown Police station where they are being questioned.

The boy killed has yet to be formally identified, but a police spokeswoman said it was thought he was a 16-year-old from Revesby.

The teenager's death is the first of the Easter Holiday weekend and came just hours after NSW Police launched its road safety blitz Operation Tortoise.
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Double demerit points have been in force since midnight last night, and will remain in place until 11.59pm (AEST) on Monday.

Double demerit points apply for all speeding, helmet and seatbelt offences.

Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens yesterday said police were hoping for a repeat of last Easter, when no one was killed on the state's roads.


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Fatal high-speed crash 'worst' police have seen at Marsfield

POLICE are investigating a crash in which two young men died in Marsfield early this morning as the "worst" they've ever seen.

Two men aged in their 20s died on impact when a late model Alfa Romeo sedan slammed in to a power pole on Epping Road at Marsfield around 3am.

Police say the Alfa Romeo must have been travelling at "ridiculous speed" through the 80km zone when the crash occurred.

Forensic teams are about to remove the men from the vehicle, and police are still trying to establish what speed the men were travelling at before their fatal crash.

When police arrived around 4am this morning, they found a "horrific scene".

The impact of the collision split the car in to three parts over a 60 metre area across the outer west-bound lanes.

The front of the vehicle has been covered by tarpaulin and it remains wrapped around the power pole.

The car's engine was thrown 20 metres beyond the main body of the vehicle.

"In my 34 years in the police, it is the worst I've ever seen," Superintendent Peter Marcon from Eastwood police said.

"It's like the vehicle exploded on impact."

"It was quite horrific and pretty disappointing."

Crash investigation teams and Eastwood police are at the scene but are yet to identify the two men killed.

West bound traffic has been diverted along Eppping Road.

Police are also urging onlookers travelling east as they pass the accident not to slow down, but to carry on their way.

A Triple-O caller came across the accident sometime after 3am but so far no witnesses to the accident have come forward.

Supt Marcon said any person who may have seen the red Alfa Romeo in the Eastwood area should contact police.

A report will be prepared for the Coroner, as investigations continue.


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Must be a good stretch of road...

Hoons using Queensland's M1 motorway as race track

RECKLESS drivers are using a Queensland motorway as a race track and police have recorded some of the highest speeds in the state on the eight-lane motorway.

Last year three of the highest speeds recorded on Queensland roads occurred on the M1, including two at Stapylton of 243km/h and 237km/h and one at Helensvale, of 235km/h.

In the first three months of this year, police caught several vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 180km/h on the motorway and one was clocked at Pimpama doing 205km/h - 95km/h over the speed limit.

Exasperated police said increased fines and tougher penalties appeared to do little to deter some drivers.

Superintendent Col Campbell from the State Traffic Support Branch said drivers travelling at excessive speeds displayed a complete lack of regard for their own safety, and that of other road users.

"The faster they're going, the greater the risk they're going to have a very serious crash, and the possibility of surviving very serious crashes is directly proportionate to the speed they're travelling at," he said.
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    * Reader's Comments: Speeds on M1 shock police - The Courier-MailCourier Mail,
    * 7000 drivers caught speedingCourier Mail, 12 Apr 2009
    * Speed, alcohol led to SAS deathsNEWS.com.au, 16 Feb 2009
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    * Teens have cars confiscatedNEWS.com.au, 26 Jan 2009

"To us it appears that people who think they won't be the one caught speeding also think they won't be the ones who have a serious crash.

"All too often the opposite is true."

Last year five men and one woman died in four separate accidents on the M1, including two near Nerang, one at Oxenford and one at Pimpama.

There have been no fatal crashes on the motorway so far this year, but Jim Kershaw from motoring group the RACQ said such "ridiculously excessive speeds were very, very dangerous in the extreme".

"It's good that police are out there enforcing these speed limits but we would always like to see a greater police presence on the roads because people tend to be much better behaved behind the wheel," he said.

"You look in the rear view mirror and see a police car, and you automatically slow down."

Supt Campbell said there was no question of increasing the speed limit on the M1 as the limits were a result of consultation between police, engineers and Queensland Transport.

Other hot spots for leadfoots were the Cunningham Highway at Blackstone in Ipswich where the highest speed of 2008 was recorded - a shocking 249km/h in a 100km/h zone.

A speed of 201km/h was recorded on the Warrego Highway at Grantham, southwest of Brisbane, and a motorist was caught doing 232km/h on Childers Rd near Bundaberg.


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Must be a good stretch of road...

8 lanes....  :eek: no wonder people speed along there. would be like driving on a runway

i bet no one keeps left either....  :D

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8 lanes....  :eek: no wonder people speed along there. would be like driving on a runway

pity we dont have more of them

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pity we dont have more of them

Don’t be silly, we have a unique expressway that can change directions at different parts of the day….

It would be great if they built some raised freeways around Adelaide…

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Don’t be silly, we have a unique expressway that can change directions at different parts of the day….

It would be great if they built some raised freeways around Adelaide…

If we do get some raised highways, I hope they don't go the way of the ones in Japan, like the one that goes over and bypasses Nagoya which is almost completely enclosed and is two lanes, yet it limited to only 60kmph.

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