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Just got back to shitty Canberra after doing a drive up to Brisbane and back for holidays.

Came across the below sign, which I have always known as the great signs in NT (until recently) that mean you can do what ever speed you want.

Does anyone know if they have changed the meaning of it? The road was not wide enough to pass an oncoming vehicle, had houses built just to the side of the road and blind corners???? was confused, but had a go at getting over 100, not too safe though.  :D

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I always though it means "end of current restriction" and therefore normal restrictions resume/apply.

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that sign is at the pit exit at QR. can't remember seeing it at other tracks, not that i was paying attention.

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Back in the 80's this sign meant that you could now go at the maximum speed limit which was 100kph.

Now that there is a 110kph limit on some roads this sign has in most cases been made obsolete and replaced by an actual posted limit.

   Derestriction sign. No longer in common use. These signs were once used at the end of speed restrictions in built-up areas. They didn't actually mean that there was no speed limit at all. Rather that the state limit applied, which in Victoria was 100. They fell out of use after the introduction of 110 limits on some freeways.

Any Derestriction signs still on display in Victoria are the reason of either being missed in the removal project or forgotten about.

They still see some use in other states.

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In northern NSW they have these signs in out of town areas. The are usually accompanied by a sign that says 'Drive to suit conditions'. Everyone has I've asked has a different interpretation of it. Most general consensus says that it is the same as the old 'Open road' signs, meaning that the limit is 110.

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110kph or whatever the limit is in that state.

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My understanding agrees with the common consensus. For NSW "speed derestriction sign". Default limits apply. Urban area's 50km/h other area's 100km/h not 110.

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Just to add complete and utter clarification to this issue, it means you're not allowed to smoke invisible cigarettes.

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I always thought it meant do whatever speed you want.  :burnout:

Only places I have come across it is in the NT and pit exit of Bathurst, Eastern Creek and Wakefield Park.

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I think around 60 km/h to 70 km/h speed limit in this state.

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