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In less time than it takes to read this sentence Top Fuel  Dragsters – the world’s quickest and fastest race cars – would have completed  one of their earth-shattering quarter mile runs. In less than five seconds!
Top Fuel drag racing is like a motor racing rock concert  complete with stadium lights, smoke, pyrotechnics and chest-pounding,  rib-shaking noise! Still, AC/DC has nothing on the Top Fuel Dragsters when it  comes to putting on the most spectacular show on earth!
You can expect to see these cars and so much more at the  Australian Nationals, hosted by Sydney  Dragway from Friday, October 31 to Sunday November 2.  This is an event that will assault your senses, rearrange your entertainment  values and literally #BLOWYOURMIND.
For full details, visit: http://www.sydneydragway.com.au/events/2014-australian-nationals
Automotive social media http://motorculture.com.au or call us on 02 9418 9008
For some daily car culture check out http://zengarage.com.au/

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