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So there was some sort of misunderstanding and Speedy took himself and the few others behind him on a wild goose chase to Kiama, so i suppose we're still waiting for him to get home and post up some pics once he remembers which way north is.  :p

With that being the only hiccup it turned out to be a good day, the rain stayed away for the spirited driving and the cars only got wet on the last leg home. Otherwise there was a good section of sweeping bends in the morning followed by a hospitable breakfast in Bowral where Alex M came along to say hello.

Onwards we went down the Macquarie pass, an interesting and challenging proposition when you run it in the downhill direction, however the bitumen is top notch after a resurfacing a couple of years ago so it was a rare piece of smooth NSW road. Lastly was a leg through the national pk to wind up the day as the heavens began to open just as our drive was drawing to a close.

A mention must be made for the courteous behaviour of the general public today. I can't think of an occassion when i got stuck behind an oblivious camry, i think every car made use of turnout lanes and shoulders when they saw us approach, it was a refreshing change in general defensive driving standards.

Lastly I'd like to say thanks and sing my praises to our organiser PSW. I've been on a few runs with different groups where there can be some showboating and general stupidity. However, Pete is as sensible as he is enthusiastic, respecting the speed limits in the residential streets while having a knack for picking the appropriate and safe time to enjoy the drive and the cars.

Good day all around.

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Ace :cool:

Feel free to chuck up a new thread in the pubic section if you's want to boast and showoff pics. :)

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Ace :cool:

Feel free to chuck up a new thread in the pubic section if you's want to boast and showoff pics. :)

Aside from sleeping in and forgetting my camera, i'm not a crash hot photographer so someone else can do it

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Bloody good day, good fun and the cops kept away!

Only problem was on the way home after the National Park it pissed down and I obviously hadn't put my roof on properly and water was pouring in!

Other than that sensational. Thanks Pete for organising.

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just to prove NSW can actually organise to get a few knuckleheads together. Good to see you ladies again!
C'mon, do it!

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It was a good run thanks gents, great the rain held off, Razorback wasn't as good as I remember from 25-30 years ago, I wouldn't plan a trip that way again and Macquarie Pass as good as it was going down is definitely one of the best sections of road going up, next time upways again  :cool:

Nice to see all again & the newbies & chew the fat at the few stops, no really great photo ops today, that said my mate Simon suggested we stop at the Bradman Oval/musuem in Bowral while we waited for a cafe to open for breaky and Alex to join us. Tony will put up some photos I reckon, next run must find some great scenery again like Stanwell Tops.

Till next time  :)
Keep Smiling

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My turn to add my compliments............I think it was great for you guys to see me again......... :D :D

But seriously.......great drive and thanks to PSW for organising........
Always Gunna

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and a couple more......................
Always Gunna

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As usual PSW did a great job. It was great to meet you all and to see such an array of different cars.I'm home safe but gees I'm knackered. Next year will be better 'cos I won't have to come home for work 500odd klms since 5am is a bit much for an old bloke in an old car (Ido love my car though) :)

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