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Hey everyone,

I have noticed that nothing regular is really going on in Melbourne on Aussie Exotics, so just wanted to get an E.O.I from people if they would be keen to start attending regular meets.

Something along the lines of a meet (not sure on particulars yet, but maybe a chat and/or food) and then a drive, maybe quarterly to start off with that could potentially turn monthly? Just want to get the ball rolling for now on ideas.

If there is something already like this, please let me know as I'd love to attend. But otherwise look forward to receiving some feedback.



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Isn't it starting to get too cold to venture out for you guys down there?   :D

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Great idea Alex.

There are various Ferrari club drives - but they're typically limited to club members.  I'm not aware of any other regular drives - like, say, the Jim501's QLD runs, the various Sydney based runs or Josh's Perth-based Coconut Runs.

There are quite few Melbourne regulars here plus more lurkers, so hopefully there's enough interest to get this started.  I know plenty lots of good driving roads too - like these roads - and I love finding new ones :)

And, flamestone, it's great weather for driving at the moment - beautiful soft light and not too hot (actually, yes, it's very cold, but we're used to it).

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Spot on mate, I am not looking to organize anything that discriminates in any way because I am one that has a passion for all cars, regardless of make or model. I see these meets just as a way we can all get together and share our passion and enjoy our cars.

In the past I have organized many many drives along some fantastic roads too, so I am sure after combining everyones knowledge together we can have some truly epic adventures.

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I'm in it, but don't ask me to organise anything as I dont' have the time. I'll just turn up. :)
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That's fine. I'll organise everything. I just want some E.O.I at the moment to get some numbers.

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Recently I attended an FCA committee meeting and put forward the idea of 'no frill's drive days being added to the official calendar.

As a result of this they made all sorts of murmurs, none of which amounted to anything. So basically, PP and I have decided that the FCA can stick their drive days, and we will continue to organize our own as we have done for the last couple of years anyway.

I have started an email list of those people who have expressed an interest in attending simple casual drive days without all of the associated club bullshit.

Please feel free to email me with your contact details if you wish to be added to the list.

Our runs will generally be 'spirited' drives held midweek, or on Sundays for those poor sods amongst you who have 'real' jobs.

Drop me a line to rhayden@ferrariaustralia.com

Jaguar drivers need not apply, but all other marques are welcome.

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Something like a coffee and cruise event would be great. They had one in America for a while I think. They found a decent car park with coffee shops etc, talked to the car park managers, everyone agreed to behave themselves (no burnouts & leave quietly......sort of). People would rock up in exotics/interesting cars, park them, have a coffee/socialise whilst everyone else had a look around the cars, I think even dealers rocked up in the latest and greatest cars (no doubt meeting a few prospective customers) and put them on show. All over by 10:30ish on Sunday morning and then go for a small cruise if they wanted. 

Could even have gold coin donation entry to a charity. Talk to a few of the different cars clubs to get a mix of cars and maybe make it a monthly/bi monthly event.

Just my two cents!

P.S http://www.eurosunday.net/


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