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Top Gear Live tickets on sale through

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Has anyone been able to figure what seating the diamond/platinum/gold/silver refers to?

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Backstage at Top Gear Live

What you can expect to see in Australia, and Clarkson’s comments

Thousands of excited petrol heads gathering together to watch a series of high-powered cars doing burn-outs and donuts.

It could be a car park in Bankstown on Saturday night or Hickson Road in The Rocks - but no one has ever paid this much for the thrill.

Enter Top Gear Live, the arena version of the hugely popular British TV show which will sidestep the NSW Police's anti-hoon operations by bringing the spectacle of burning rubber and cars going sideways inside the Acer Arena at Homebush in February.

Offering up a petrol head's dream platter of high-performance cars with a combined showroom value of about $100 million, some breathtaking near collisions and the usual mickey-taking banter between Clarkson and co-host Richard Hammond the live show will get across the line with Aussie fans.

Burn outs and donuts are referred to as precision driving in the show, which has all but already sold out in England.

Carsguide was this given a backstage look at Top Gear Live as the 10-city tour kicked off at London's Earls Court and an idea of the huge logistical effort involved in putting $100 million worth of the world's fastest and most expensive cars on display.

Some of the 30 vehicles in the backstage paddock of London show included the super-fast street car, the Gumpert Apollo. Other cars on display were the Ferrari Enzo, the $3 million Koenigsegg CCXR and Pagani's carbon fibre Zonda F Carbon.

The line up will differ slightly in Australia but host Jeremy Clarkson is known to be a Monaro fan and will insist on including the Australian legend in the 10 Sydney shows over four days in February.

Top Gear is uniquely positioned to bring the world's best cars to Sydney. Hosted by the famously straight-shooting Clarkson, Top Gear has captured a global audience of 500 million viewers, making it the BBC's biggest export.

The program's winning formula is to flaunt the fastest and most expensive cars on some of Europe's most dramatic roads, put celebrity drivers through their paces on a racetrack and modify cars for fun, or just blow them up.

The highlight of the live show is a game of car soccer in six Smart cars. In true British fashion, Clarkson sets it up as a game of England versus Germany, with Hammond and May getting behind the wheel.

The cars block and dart and nudge a giant ball into giant goals, in what looks like it has to be a choreographed game. After the show Hammond said it was all off the cuff.

"There is no way it's scripted, we have no plan at all," he said. "We don't know what's going to happen but we all try to keep the cars alive for as long as possible. There have been some big crashes because we all really want to win."

When watching the live show the biggest surprise is that there is no accidents.

All those supermarket car park bingles that keep the panel beaters in business and these guys can slide past each other sideways and stop on a spot to create a perfect star shape of four Ford Fiestas nose to nose.

The thing that lets Top Gear Live down somewhat is that it's impossible to bring the best bits of the TV show, like the dramatic backdrops and racetrack action, on to the stage.

For a non rev-head there were times - especially when the carbon monoxide level seemed to be rising past best practice health and safety levels - when I wondered whether moving car shows were meant to be held inside.

The dreariest bit of the show comes when Clarkson, Hammond and May have a scripted race around the set between a caravan, a horse float and a milk truck.

When Hammond sets off on a miniature motorbike to emulate his hero Evel Knievel the show again drifts into pantomime when the other two replace a small cardboard red London bus he is to jump over with a large cardboard red London bus.

The strong stage presence of the hosts and the stinging put downs that have become their trademark saves the day.

They're not afraid to involve the audience in the insult fest, berating children and adults in equal measure for liking cars they don't during a section when the audience gets to decide whether a car is cool or uncool by holding up voting cards.

After the show Clarkson warned Sydney fans to pack a sense of humour.

When asked what they should expect at the Acer Arena he said: "Teasing. But we hope to get some back".

"The whole program is based not around cars but by taking the mickey out of each other. Richard Hammond is short, James is a boring pedant.

"If you try to do that with the Americans they get very hurt and often declare war on you. Whereas you can do it with our former colonies."

"I watched the Australian Top Gear and they immediately got that take the piss out of each other thing that Americans find so very hard to do because they're so stupidly polite."

In the past Clarkson has taunted Australia, saying the Hills Hoist and the Monaro were the only good things to come out of the country. He also said no one who has already made it in life decides to emigrate Down Under.

His outspoken views on the environment, smoking bans, congestion charging, caravanners and cyclists have made him many enemies but Clarkson has never been accused of sexism. He insists that women love cars just as much as men.

"Meet my wife, she loves cars" he said.

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So, do you guys agree that you are petrol heads????

"Petrol heads" that drive Ferrari's and Lambo's = high case Bogans.   :D

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No mention of James May though......

5 - 8 Feb 2009

Top Gear Live is coming to Australia!

For the first time in Australia, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond will present Top Gear Live, the most spectacular LIVE motoring theatre show in the universe from 5-8 February at Acer Arena, Sydney.

Top Gear Live features breath-taking stunts, amazing special effects and blockbusting driving sequences with some of the world’s best precision drivers. This experience is one car enthusiasts won’t forget.

Top Gear Live combines an action-packed 75 minute live version of the internationally acclaimed and multi award-winning BBC TV series Top Gear (showing on SBS in Australia). Fans can join Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond with their irreverent approach to motoring and humour, awesome super cars, crazy stunts and the smell of burning rubber. Top Gear Live is set to take live theatre to a ground breaking new level. Or crash attempting it.

“We’ve turned your motoring television show into the most spectacular motoring theatre show in the universe. We’ll be taking all the best bits of Top Gear, and ambitiously attempting them live in our action arena.” - Jeremy Clarkson

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