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Well, after reading everything I could get my eyes on including this and several other Ferrari sites and viewing many 360's in Australia over the past 6-8 months, I found the right one (2001 360 F1) a few weeks before Christmas. I bought it in Sydney and drove it back to Brisbane (1200 klms) with my wife. What a great trip, the car handles superbly and ran faultlessly.
This is a UK car, which some criticize, due to a fear of having an incomplete service history and corrosion concerns.  However, I kept an open mind on the issue, I didn't really care  - I was more interested in getting the right car - one that had the features I was after [Red & Black, Shields, Challenge grill, electric seats, F1, etc]. I was of course also after a complete service/accident history. I did this by  having the car inspected by Ferrari in Sydney (twice) and rang and personally spoke with the Ferrari centres that serviced the car in the UK, this way I was able to have a complete service history, complete with all UK service invoices. Some of the UK cars I looked at had some surface corrosion,  though this was usually minor and can be washed off and treated if it's superficial. I had this car inspected in very close detail, which revealed none.  The car is from south England where salt isn't used on the roads.
 An interesting feature I didn't expect was that it came with a factory fitted roll cage! (listed on the original factory order sheet)
 I previously posted a question about weird clutch wear, 49% after about 2700 klms? I had this investigated by Ferrari, who ascertained via "other parameters on" the SD2 computer that it had been adjusted  to improve the speed of gear changes. When this is done it gives a false clutch wear reading - Ferrari advised me that the wear was in fact only 20%.
I also posted a question about 'Clear Bra' paint protection. I had it put on by "Ozi-Cozi" in Sydney ($795) before I drove back - it's bloody almost invisible - see if you can see it in the photo's - it comes 1/3 up the bonnet and covers the entire front spoiler area and back on the wing mirrors.
In short, I'm really happy with the car and appreciate all the advice and useful threads on this site.  Hope you enjoy the pics.  Vegas.
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Congratulations Vegas  :thumbsup:

On your new toy ! Enjoy  :thumbsup:

I've always liked the 360 Modena F1 , it reminds me a bit of the Dino !
I am sure you really stretched it's legs with a trip from  Sydney to Brisbane , that must have been a long trip but an enjoyable one at that !

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Congrats - sounds great, enjoy. :cool:

...The car is from south England where salt isn't used on the roads....

As to this - slightly O/T but worth a read - James May's thoughts on aus-salting the snowy roads:


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Wow very nice, so UK cars arn't so bad provided they pass a PPI. I've seen this car on carsales and international motor group website for 169k, were you able to get it for less than the asking price? (If you don't mind me asking).

As an upcoming 1st time Ferrari buyer, any tips for newbies? Cheers.

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Have sent you a PM, happy to share my expirences with purchasing a 360 in Australia.
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didn't know you were in brisbane.  :scratchchin:

would look good on the NT run.  :mischief:

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Congrats on getting the 360 Modena. I did lots of research into getting a Ferrari too. I settled on a red F430 coupe. If you are as fussy as me then the following tips are for you.

Some tips:

1. Make sure that there are no water stains between the glass sheets in the rear window behind the passenger compartment. Any stains menas that the seals have aged and may need replacing. The glass window is actually 2 sheets to insulate against noise and engine heat. If I were Ferrari I would have let the glorious noise into the cabin with only one sheet of glass.

2. The bumper panel below the exhaust pipes are prone to stone chips from the rear wheels. To guard against it, I used some 3M film like the one you got to protect the front of your car.

3. Do you have side sill protection with the paint protection film? If not I highly recommend it because stones will chip your lower rear air scoop surface.

4. Use the 3M film to protect the leading edges of your upper rear air intakes. Very prone to damage.


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My congrates to you.

Choice colour too.  :cool:
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One more thing Vegas:

This may not apply to you.

If you don't have any warranty on the car, Ferrari is having a special offer whereby before 31st Dec 09 (Yes that's right you only have a few days to go) you can get 12 months of Ferrari roadside assistance called FERRARI ASSIST. Call up the dealer in which you bought the car and ask him to register ASAP!.

If you have warranty you may be covered for roadside assistance but please check before 31st Dec!

I have extended warranty on my car (Power Cube warranty - bloody expensive $10,000 a year) and it comes with FERRARI ASSIST already.

Trust me you don't want anybody just rocking up and trying to get your car working or just anybody towing your car.

"Ferrari is pleased to announce the launch of the new “With You” roadside assistance service to be provided free of charge to owners of all Prancing Horse cars built since 1947 and not covered by either existing factory or POWER warranties.

Under the new scheme, Ferrari clients will not only enjoy 12 months of roadside assistance if their vehicle breaks down, but also be offered cover for expenses involved in returning home or reaching the Ferrari Authorised Service Centre to which their car has been taken."

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