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There is a right way and a wrong way to have your mirrors????    I thought the right way was what the driver is comfortable with?



Comfortable in mirror sense is probably typically how they were originally set up when one started driving.

Getting comfortable doing something else involves getting out of one's comfort zone and trying another approach until they feel comfortable.

I tried the "right" method as per Ash's post above - felt weird and uncomfortable at first, but now that I've got used to it I'm comfortable with it :thumbsup:

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I've been trying this method out as well of late,and must admit it's really grown on me.The hard part is trying to convince my suicidal wife to convert,damn that woman's a nut job. :D

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I've tried driving the "right way" on and off for years, first came across that cartoon representation at least 7 years ago on a skylinesaustralia forum.   

It doesn't work in the city, doesn't work with cyclists, doesn't work while parking, doesnt work on traffic jams or heavy traffic.     Works on highways and on main roads that are quiet and I always use it a little on the track for the extra wide view.

Even though I generally drive the "wrong way", I must be doing that wrong as well with no accidents, no damage and no incidents.    Luck??? No, I use my eyes.

I still see this as a more track or country set up. Does Adelaide even have traffic???  :scratchchin:
Enjoying Life!!!!

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Depending what car I'm in and traffic conditions, I use my rear mirror more than the side mirrors (sides become a double check habit incase someone has snuck up beside me and I haven't noticed it).  Slower you drive I've noticed the more side mirrors come in to play.   
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