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I couldn't work out how to post this in the for sale section.

I would like to sell my 360.  I'm not having much interest so far.  Does anyone have any constructive input for me?  Maybe someone who is shopping could tell me how it looks compared to others?

Here it is http://carsales.mobi/cars/details/?R=11629983&Cr=34&trecs=72



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Haven't looked to see how it compares pricewise to others but nothing seems to be moving.

Price drop is your greatest chance but not a favourable outcome.

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Hi Barra,

I'm not looking to buy but that's a gorgeous colour. Purely speculating here, the location could be inhibiting demand? most of the Ferraris are from NSW and VIC, you're the only ACT seller.

You could switch the location to NSW to see if that's it. Other members who know better than I will chime in RE the pricing / spec.


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Seems like no money around.

I have been trying to sell a 1998 Ford Festiva for almost 12 months.
Can't even get $500 for it.

Decided to hand it to my daughter on her "L"s to learn how to drive a manual.

Since the only other manuals in the family are the Testa and the Countach....and those clutches are tooooooo  expensive
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Hi Barra,

My 2cents worth-
That seems like a real nice car and the colour is unique. I don't think dropping your price will help that much; I think it's competitively priced. I would suggest listing it on another site, such as Carpoint. I notice that on that site there are about 10 silver 360's ranging from 95K to 110K - very cheap - but they ARE silver - not much of a resale.
I purchased my 360 sometime ago and I was surprised, how poorly maintained some of the cheap ones were - real money traps. I flew to Sydney to view a yellow and a black one at a prestige car yard - the yellow one looked great, but as soon as I looked underneath - there was oil dripping on the floor - a $165K car! (cheap for the market at that stage) - The black one looked great and drove well - but failed the PPI by a mile.
My advice to buyers - look really closely and just cause it's glossy doesn't mean it's a good car.
Sorry I've raved on a bit - my thoughts are that you have a unique car that will sell at that price just list at the same price on another site or two.   
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The act can be got around by backing your car.
Get a ppi done and put the results in the add. Warts and all.

Then the question of if it is any good or not has been answered.

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The act can be got around by backing your car.
Get a ppi done and put the results in the add. Warts and all.

Then the question of if it is any good or not has been answered.

Good advice.
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Best of luck. I sold a few of the Uber cars last year and added the 360 to the list. It's an import and it's been on track but has literally thousands in service records and runs harder/faster than any others I've driven in NSW (which is quite a few...).

Even at 95K, there's not a lot of real buyers around, but there are a looooooot of tyrekickers, 'would you give me a 50K trade on my hawt 180sx', and 'ah mate, i'll buy heeem but i just gotta get finance' guys around.

I'm not too worried about this selling, so not dropping price any further, but my advice is to be patient and to talk to the guys to make sure they've actually got a hope of buying before burning up your time on letting them test drive.
C'mon, do it!

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Sorry to hear the sale isn't going to well John.

I have been there and done that successfully a few times now with 360's and don't take offense to what I say but I'm just being brutally honest with you.

Right off the bat for resale that blue Is in the same league as selling a silver car so it will ask less than others of other colours, reduce more price and potential customer size for manual, Modena (most want spiders), High milage, No mention of service recOrds, it is a 2000 model, the ACT is a bit hard to sell, you have had the car for a short time (just makes people wonder why selling so soon), also you are misleading with the milage. When someone posts the original miles on an import instead of the converted miles, first thing I think is something sus is going on, trying to hide something or just generally trying to misslead me or the car is a personal import or has not been complied properly.

Tweak up how the ad is written as after reading the ad it just made me feel wary of the car, be more specific about it's maintenance and honesty with the milage is better than putting the uk miles up.

Price wise it doesn't matter too much what you ask for it, but by the info you are looking at a sale somewhere under $120k even closer to the $110 mark for all the reasOns given above. Compared to what I'd on the market at the moment in my opinion you are asking too much from the get go.

The red/tan, black/tan spiders, f1, 2004-2005 models with lowish milage all the extras and complete history are still selling for around$155-$170k, but in reality they are what the buyers want, sorry to say your car is the opposite of what the general buyers are looking for.   However you only need the one buyer who likes what he sees and is willing
to pay.   

Other than the colour which I think is a hinderance for resale, it just sounds like every other early model Modena asking

I'm pretty sure there is/was the same colour combo in south Australia, an Aussie delivered car, I was looking at it in 2010 and back then it was the cheapest on the market after being for sale for 9 mOnths and eventually sold, the last update for asking price was $170k when 360's were still worth $200-300k. I don't know what it eventually sold for in the end but it would have been under asking price, and it was same colour combo, aus delivered, f1 with 13 000km 2003 model Modena.

Good luck and hope I have given you something to consider when you update your ad. But definitely revise price, clarify service history, clutch read out if possible (as people never want to buy a clutch right away and will assume the worst), fix up the milage and probably take out the 5000km thing, it isn't relevant. Put in the ad it is a uk import just to show you arnt hiding anything, also did you realize you have a front challenge grill as well???  How many keys and fobs does it have???
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Beautiful car and beautiful colour combo.
Location will make it hard to sell. I went interstate to look at cars, even had 11 cars lined up in 2 states including country cars to check out when I was looking but most people dont have the time to travel to look at a car.

The second thing is the other 71 360's for sale on carsales alone.  There are probably more 360s for sale in Australia than there are people genuinely looking to buy any model Ferrari at the moment.

Importers looking to make a quick buck have flooded the market.

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