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yes, thats the one, excellent color if you ask me

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I think Argento or Grigio on 360, 430, 599 or 612 looks awesome ... very classy... oh and no bloody shields... its a road car not a racing car
TDF Blue with Crema on F355 GTB and 456 is my favourite for that generation of Fezza

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yes, thats the one, excellent color if you ask me
Another model in a similar colour. Note the red carbon.

And TDF on a CS is awesome.

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this color looks nice on a California too...

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I think if I was only to have one Ferrari it would probably be red because well.....it has to be doesn't it, but if you changed or had several the alternate colours are the go, love the cherry red, I also like Bentleys in that colour, they're audacious, loud and say"I've got more than you and I'm not afraid to show it" Having a colour like that also shows that you've got enough money not to worry about the colour because you can change it any time you like, so you can experiment.

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Don't like the wheels - prefer this -

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Never liked the gold rims on the Scud , and the gold stripes. If they were both grey then  :thumbsup:
Batti il ferro quando caldo.
Strike when the iron is hot.

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My two cents....

Colo"U"r for fez's should be in this order....

Red>Yellow>Black> Pearl White> Dark Grey> Silver> the rest...

Orange>Yellow>Black>Lime Green>Baloon White>Silver.... whatever else I missed...

If you don't want a car that stands out, then get a Toyota

Silver supercars do not stand out, they are good at hiding but FTW why do you want to hide such awesome cars???  On the positive side for buyers, silver Fez and lambos tend to be cheaper than the identical car in red/orange ect...
Almost completely agree.

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