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Guys I am looking for some mass opinion from you.

Here’s the question.

Imagine a 360 (2004) or a 430 (2007/2008)

It has less than 12,000 kilometres on it
Australian delivered
It has full dealer service history
Is a coupe
Has F1 transmission
Is Rosso Corso with Tan Interior
Is immaculate in condition.

What’s it worth in today’s market?

360 $

430 $

I invite your comments, opinions and rants.


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Sniffing around.

There is a wide disparity in offerings and price for these two vehicles.
For example:
Aussie verses imported.
Dodgy history verses Dealer History
Tricked up verses original.
etc etc etc

Also you have to consider Ferrari Dealer Sale verses private sale. Buying through a Ferrari Dealer has certain added protections, so you have to be willing to pay for them. Buying a re-sale Ferrari through just any used-car dealer (so you cannot eyeball the owner), represents a negative to me.

So I think to get a true idea of "value" you have to narrow down the parameters and ask for imput. And I think we have some experience in this matter in people that subscribe to this forum. And I believe you could narrow this down to a price for each of the cars mentioned to within $10k of the reality.

Value to me is what someone (genuine purchaser) would pay for that item in the current market. Not what the seller dreams it is worth.

There was in interesting study done of real estate vendors. They were asked a series of questions but a key one burried in all the others was "why is you house/unit worth more than a similar/identical one down the street? The common answer was simply "because mine is worth more". So these people thought that due to the fact that "they" owned it that made it more valuable. No logic, no facts just good old ignorance at work.

I note this seems to be out there, and alive and well, in vendors in "Exotics for Sale" land.

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Great question!!

I'm not in the market or have ever been. But I do look at the F cars for sale maybe 2-3 time a weeks.

I bet;
$100-$110k for a clean 360. If you wanted a very quick sale I'd say $85-90k.

$215k for a clean 430. Quick sale $200k.

Having said that there are some great cars (judging purely on what the ad says) for great prices (IMO) that still don't move. I think the market is just shot to sh*t. There is a fantastic looking black on black 360 Spider, manual trans, it's an import yes, but I don't think you could buy a better car for the money. $125K. Still sitting around. Maybe if he put $110k on it it would move quickly, but jeez, that would be such a bargain.

Buyers market for sure.

P.S My prices may seem low,  and I do think that the cars are 'worth' more, but if you wanted it to move I would think you'd have to be pretty aggressive with the pricing.

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Hard to believe but Importers have managed to kill the value of an Aussie delivered 360 and probably other earlier models a little as well. The Jap importers devalued the original Nissan GTR's and FD RX7's in the same way but I didnt expect the Ferrari prices to devalue so much. The GFC hasnt helped either with more owners needing to sell their cars than otherwise would have.

Aussie Delivered 360's in good condition should be at 140-150 or more in my eyes but because there are many excellent condition imports on the market they are dragging the price of the Australian delivered cars down. 

Good for buyers, very bad for sellers.

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You are a hard man Rick James. $110k for a 360 - god I pity the poor owner. A pal of mine has an immaculate 360. It has never been wet, never even washed. Has about 7000K on it and is 100% perfect. I feel he believes it is worth about $250k but he is having a tug thinking that. Experience is a brutal instructor.

I do think the 360's have been much more raped and pillaged by the imports than the 430.

I have not seen a direct import 430 yet. Is there some reason for this that is escaping me?

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You are a hard man Rick James. $110k for a 360

Yeah, going back over what I wrote I think that is a bit harsh, I probably didn't take the 'immaculate Aussie delivered' bit into consideration enough. Then it depends how much you think that matters to buyers, but I do think the 100k imports have tranished the prices.
But in this market you do need to price your car very aggressively to grab the buyers attention. Cause it's not like theres a lack of choice.
I have noted 1 owner on this forum prices his cars very aggressively, as a result they sell quick. Are they worth more? Yeah, probably, but it all depends how long you want it sitting in your garage.

It's a great question, I hope some smarter more experienced people than I chime in.

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OK - my 2c worth.  I own an imported 360. I spent over a year  looking at a number of cars, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and have had the car serviced by Ferrari since I bought it (I know I'm probably getting ripped off, but I want to keep an impeccable service record & the car  has been faultless for 3 years apart from an air conditioning fault)- this was a continuation of the servicing in the UK - done my Ferrari there.
 I saw some very ordinary i.e. real money traps that were imported - I also saw a few Australian delivered cars that were not well looked after - in fact one a yellow Modena was leaking oil on the show room floor!
My assessment is that as long as there is a good service history and the car has been driven a reasonable amount and you get a PPI - all should be good. I'd take a high mileage well serviced car before a low klms barely driven car regardless of where they are from- these things are meant to be driven!!

I sympathise with Australian delivered 360 owners as I agree the importation of cheaper cars has affected their market. That said - and remembering that I own an imported one; unless it was an imported car that had a long service history in Australia - I'd buy an Australian delivered car as it's easier to access information on the car's history. I had a relative do all the leg work form me in the UK - but still it was a pain. Need to watch some imported cars that 'miraculously' drop in klms when converted to K's from miles when complianced!

Pricing: I think Australian delivered 360's should now be about $20K more than imported - there was a bigger differential when I bought mine - about $40K then.

430's about 100K more than a comparative 360, if you get my drift.

On Rick's specifics at the start of the thread:
** A 360 of that nature $140 (imported) - 160K (Aust del) + $100K for a 430. (If you think this is too much and you don;t own one, are a dreamer and haven't researched the market - F*&^ off).

Remember when you read adds to add on-road costs when they are advertised. Some dealers leave this out of the purchase price, so  add $5k-$12K depending the vehicle cost and the state where you live.

Hope I haven't offended anyone and I don't have any agenda - just sharing my thoughts.
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It's a buyers market, and once you decide to sell, well the love is gone.

I sold my 360 over the weekend. Was an import, but in very good nick, fully serviced and had all the additional carbon goodies. 90K is what they actually sell for on this basis. Aussie delivered cars are selling not much over 100K, otherwise they are just sitting around.

Imports are part of the reason the prices drop, the other is that these are still very expensive to service and keep reliable.

Meh, we buy these things for a bit of show and a lot of love - it's silly to expect they are not going to drop in value like anything else that is such a non-essential purchase.

Now, onto the next stupid thing to waste money on  :)
C'mon, do it!

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Allan (or others that are in-the-know)

Agree it's a buyers market - agree fully - once it's sold the love has gone..

Do you think the price of the CS market has dropped? I didn;t see any (when I was looking now 3 years ago) imported CS'. They still seem fairly high priced and haven;t dropped as much as the standard 360's.

P.S. Of course the GFC is also affecting all exotic car markets in most countries - this is proabably amplifying the drop in the standard 360 market brought on by some quality imports into the OZ market.
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