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Hi Mike,

Yes , I know the guys at FA

Definitly no copys being made or sold there.

I was down your way the other day but got too busy , was going to call & have a coffee

I may be back for Auto Italia,
Will you be there?

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Good to hear.  I'd be interested in finding out more about their product and if It makes the grade add it to our lineup.

We sell a fair wack overseas to the middle east and Asia, so it would be really great to sell an Aussie product overseas...

As for Auto Italia, I may be there as a spectator this year...  We should definitely meet up and have a coffee...

1800 985 925

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If anyone is after a Kreissieg F1 exhaust I have one for sale.

Purchased from Mike at Best Exhaust it has around 5000 kms on it.

This is the one:

And it is equipped with the wireless setup

PM me for info.


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Just found this post and I know its a long time after fact but i just wanted to comment on a previous statement made about the exhaust being opened automatically @ 3200 rpm and another one that you have to keep to a low rev range so the exhaust doesnt open automaticaly or words to that effect as this is not always the case!!

I have a Kreissieg F1 exhaust fitted on my 360 Spider which was done over 2 years ago by Chris from Automotion in Brisbane and the way my exhaust is set up it isnt opened at pre determined rpm by the EMS the way the factory exhaust was or the way the other members have described in this topic.

The kit came with a relay (and wiring diagram) which was fitted to the soleniod wiring that activates the butterfly valves and the relay fools the EMS into believing that the soleniods have been activated/deactivated as required so no faults are registered with the EMS.

I opted for the remote control and not fixed switch, they both power the soleniods manually into opening and closing the butterfly valves on the X pipe (which bypasses the factory cats hence the noise level) and then you have a crazy sounding or tame sounding car on demand without the EMS getting involved!!!.

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