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Cant believe im going to be first to post this

December 06, 2009 12:00am
..A CONVERTIBLE Ferrari used in a lavish wedding in North Adelaide yesterday crashed outside the church while doing what witnesses described as a burnout.

More than a dozen police officers were called to Buxton St, North Adelaide, near St Laurence's Church, after guests became hostile to onlookers.

The crash left one guest in hospital and another suffering shock.

Adam Daniele, 23, and Vincenza Ienco, 20, had moments earlier tied the knot when one of their wedding cars smashed into a Ford Escape 4WD driven by a man in his 60s.

The driver of the Ford said he had just come out of the church when he heard the sound of an engine revving.

"I was sitting in the car. I'd just come out of the church, and I'd just turned the key and I heard acceleration," said the 65-year-old, who declined to be named.

"I turned, and the next minute he lost control and ran straight into me in a blur of red."

The man said his wife had been taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital to undergo a medical assessment.

He said he was left shaken, with a sore head.

"I haven't seen the driver yet. I saw his face, and I think I said 'You idiot' out the window," the victim said.

"The driver said he had the accelerator stuck, or the clutch, I couldn't work out what. Then he managed to put it into reverse."

The targa-top Ferrari was taken to the Ottoway police complex where it was undergoing mechanical checks.

A police spokesman said investigations were continuing.

Before the vehicle was towed away, crime scene investigators took measurements of two long skidmarks outside the church.

A Ferrari expert told the Sunday Mail the vehicle would have retailed for about $140,000.

He said serious damage to the front of a Ferrari 348 would be worth "$40,000 to $50,000 without even blinking".

Another guest, who witnessed the crash, said his car was parked next to the battered four-wheel-drive.

"My nephew was getting married," said the man, who gave his name as Damian.

"I was standing near a Stobie, there was a car stopped in the middle of the road waiting for the Ferrari to come out.

"He came out slowly, then as he straightened up he just gunned it and once he changed into second gear he started snaking and came straight into the other car. He was still revving like his foot had got stuck. The car's not his . . . he would have no idea. He would have thought, 'I'll do a bit of a burnout, make it look good', but he must have felt so bloody small."

Close to 500 guests were expected at the wedding, and St Laurence's Church was lavishly decorated for the bridal party.

The Ferrari - one of several vehicles used to transport the wedding party - was joined by a 16-seat Hummer, and Harley-Davidsons. The couple was joined by seven bridesmaids, seven groomsmen and two flowergirls.

Police said the driver could face charges once the vehicle had been examined.


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The car's not his

Oh well  :?
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Comments from wedding crashers...

while waiting in my car for the guests of the ferrari wedding to leave i witnessed the so called accident (an accident is something that we have no control over) this person did a burnout to showoff to all watching him. I think by the crowd around him everyone knew what he was about to do. The Ferrari driver also had the nerve to scream at the 4x4 driver that his accelorator got stuck, what rubbish if it was stuck and he was driving normally then he would have travelled straight not from left to rightthe width of the road and back again, he looked like the serpent he is. With people everywhere it is only by the grace of God that more people were not hurt.

Posted by: a.c. of ADELAIDE 3:50pm December 06, 2009

First of all I would like to say that I was at the wedding and the story that was written was grossly incorrect, there were no "Harley Davidsons", there was no "Burnout" there was however an accident, an accident that Kate Kyriacou "the Reporter" considered more important to get in the way of helpers and take photos to increase her status than assist at the scene of an accident. I feel sorry for her employers if this is the level she has to stoop to, to get her name on the front page. I would have to say that if it were my relatives in the 4WD and she was in my way of helping, I would be hostile as well, also the wedding was wonderful, the guests were great all this and the only concerns for everyone including the owner of the Ferrari was the health of all concerned, maybe Kate Kyriacou can take a leaf out of their book and she would be invited to weddings as well instead of being paid to "Crash Weddings" herself. The wedding wasn't ruined, it was incredible, the only negative was all the incorrect information written by the Reporter - How Pathetic

Posted by: wedding Guest of 8:52pm December 06, 2009

What a load of lies from Kate Kyriacou, no Harleys, no Burnout, get a job in another industry and give the newspaper some class

Posted by: Wedding Guest of 9:00pm December 06, 2009

to wedding guest i don't know which wedding you attended yesterday but there was a burnout and a so called accident and the driver of the Ferrari was rude and yelling at the people in the 4x4. One of the guests from your wedding also thought it was a good idea to do a burnout when he left how thick can you be (after seeing what had just happened with the last burnout). The Harley's were for the next wedding. If you are going to criticize at least get it right.

Posted by: a.c. of adelaide 10:27pm December 06, 2009

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Comments from wedding crashers...

Bwwahahahahaaa. Haven't ever called anyone a serpent before, going to give that a go.  :thumbsup:
C'mon, do it!

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starting to get a collection of threads for the "I want to borrow a ferrari / lambo for my wedding" area
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