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It is interesting that you talk about "badge" or brand value. I agree that not only in cars and replacement parts that "brand" is worth something. There is value into what the brand has spent time developing whether it is functional (ie. the suitability or quality of the component) or just the marketing to make the particular brand desirable.

I think what the main issue here is the honesty and integrity of the dealers regarding the substitution of parts. IMHO if the dealer has researched the substitute parts well enough that he is prepared to warrant the suitability and the job and put his reputation behind it then I have no issue with this providing they clearly describe the reason why it is offered and the risks/ benefits of using them.

Regarding margins, etc; FWIW I feel that if the dealer is able to source parts (genuine or aftermarket) at a price that enables him to make a larger margin, then so be it. Prices/ margins are determined by the market not his cost. If he can buy genuine through unofficial channels for a lesser price then this is his good fortune; if this is passed onto his customers or not is not really relevant. the same logic applies to aftermarket parts that are purchased via a distributer, imported directly or manufactured - this should not have a bearing on what you expect to pay or the dealers margins.

My 2c

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Ok, it's looking like, that generally speaking, owners don't mind if a dealer operates like an independent then.

Interesting, thanks.

It further strengthens the case for independents being around, which of course is where i'm coming from.

And it helps to know, and have cases stated.

I still wonder what the concessionaires think about having regional dealers operate like independents, and I still wonder what Ferrari SpA official policy is....

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I still wonder what the concessionaires think about having regional dealers operate like independents, and I still wonder what Ferrari SpA official policy is....

This is a different point... in my industry suppliers work very hard to minimise me sidestepping the Australian Distributers and their overinflated pricing. Many items can be purchased by me via alternative channels to the Australian Distributer and I can save money for exactly the same product (brand, type, etc). I assume this may well be the case for automotive components.

With the world becoming a smaller place especially in commerce, different pricing for different regions is obsolete method of pricing.

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With the world becoming a smaller place especially in commerce, different pricing for different regions is obsolete method of pricing.

Exactly why the dealer should become more realistic in parts pricing in the first place for their sake and not for anyone else. It is merely a 10 second google search for anyone to see that the Sydney dealer at least is ripping off their customers and not even trying to hide it at all. "Ripping" off is subjective, but when the pric differes so greatly from everyone else around the world and the independents around the corner, it basically is ripping off. It has nothing to do with trying to stop them making the most profit they can after all that is the whole point of EVERY business, but it sure leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you find out you could have saved $25k on an automatic clutch system job.  And despite the consensus that all ferrari owners are rolling in it and don't care about parts prices is untrue, extremely untrue. The ones rich enough not to care about maintenance/parts prices are the ones who buy the cars NEW, update every 3 years and their car is always covered by new car warranty anyway. For everyone else with older cars if they had the money they would update their car anyway most of the time.

Ferrari Australia is extremely silly for having such a huge margin and being so arrogant about it, it may have done them good in the past, but in todays economy with todays globalisation and ease of information world wide, They are loosing many long term customers who simply do not feel like being fucked in the ass, especially if the same parts can be had down the road for fractions of the price. It is better if they stay more expensive than the independents and overseas parts, but not by such a huge margin, if they don't change the more people will simply leave them as a service centre over time. Even on this forum very few people actually go to the dealer because of the knowledge that people like Phill exist and live in the real world with competative prices and that parts can be flown over from overseas in a couple of days.

I personally couldn't care if the main dealers actually try and become more competative or not, i'll never need their assistance with my cars, so if they want to stay the same as they always have, then that is their choice and they can go the same way as the dinosaurs and the Polaroid camera.
You can say I'm wrong, but my garage doesn't agree with that statement!!!

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