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i prefer the current f430
hopefully in a couple of years, i can buy a lambo

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I know it's just a test mule, but lol @ the engineer driving it!!!

Here are some new spy shots of the F142 mule.

F142 is the code name for the model meant to replace the current F430. And while this F142 comes dressed in the F430's body, we're beginning to see some of the modifications to the model that will likely be seen in its successor.

Of note in these new shots, taken during winter testing in northern Scandinavia, are the larger wheel cases both at the rear and at the front. (The last set of spy shots showed only a larger front wheel case.) The car also has some kind of bulge on the front bonnet for reasons we can only guess at.

Seen before were the larger air intakes just before the rear wheel and on the shoulders of the body. They seem a little exaggerated and may have been shaped that way simply to throw us off. Or maybe those bulging air intakes are needed to provide a more powerful engine with lots of fresh air.

Speculation has it that the F430 will be replaced by a model named the F450 and will come with a 4.5 liter V8 pumping out over 500 hp. The F430 gets 483 hp out of a 4.3 liter power plant. How will Ferrari get that many horses out of a 4.5 liter engine? Perhaps by increasing the rev limit to 10,000 rpm and improving air flow and cooling which may account for those larger intakes.

The F450 will likely take its first public bow at the Frankfurt motor show which takes place later this year in September.

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I know it's just a test mule, but lol @ the engineer driving it!!!

lol... but why blur his face. when i took some "spy shots" of the masser gt during testing in maranello, the driver gave me the finger and then was clapping at me?? odd...

anyway, im gonna guess this will be turbocharged.

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they speculate there that they may rev it to 10,000 rpm...

I just can't see that happening with pistons that big...

The 430 already revs less than the smaller pistoned 355/360's... I can't see how making it bigger bore and/or longer stroke will make it rev more...

I think /HOPE/ they've got some kind of energy recovery thingummybob.... ie it's a 430 engine more or less, but gets an occasional kick of an extra 20--30 kw in certain circumstances...

Unless, they go to 10 cylinder, when they can then rev it harder with smaller pistons.....

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Ferrari F450  mule spy video

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mhXF7V-_GQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mhXF7V-_GQ</a>
Fast cars and fast motorcycle video collection

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thanks trev, gee you're a real geddabout kinda guy eh? How do you do it? You're here, there, EVERYWHERE!

Anyway, thanks again and hi to the family.  :thumbsup:

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Wow, spy photos!    :p

Gotta love them.

These are the very first spy pictures of the upcoming Ferrari F450 prototype testing on the road and track. The F450 replaces the current F430. Previously spies have only been able to snap test mules using an F430 body but this time it is the car itself hiding underneath all the black garments.

Some of the first details to catch the eye are the LED daytime running lights which appear to be flowing upwards into the fenders as headlight extensions. They will prove to be a provocative talking point if they make it into production.

At the rear we can see three tailpipes in a horizontal formation sticking out. Because they are not exactly fitted properly they may not be the final layout. What is likely to stay are the two round rear lights sitting almost on the car's shoulder. Overall the F450 seems to be lower and shorter than before. Spy photographers reported that during in town driving the engine sounded very quiet but when the throttle was tickled it blurted out the familiar Ferrari roar.

The F450 will have a V8 engine worth over 500hp (368kW) and is likely to be shown for the first time at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show.


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Looks hungry.

And the car should be interesting too.


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