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Just wondering if there was much knowledge/interest in these magnificent machines. i think they are very wrongly completly overshadowed by the Daytona and I rkn they deserve a rustle up. Also I am very interested in looking for one to buy if anyone knows anything about any within AUS. Imported one a few years ago and wish still had it will send in some pics soon.
If it were any faster it would have arrived yesterday.

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There's not many around that's for sure, and you're right, they're massively underrated.

If you can avoid the unfortunate red with tartan/checker cloth combo, they're pretty much all lovely otherwise in any other colour/trim combo...

Chuck some 9" wheels on the back for styling mainly but a little extra grip helps too, make sure it's all serviced with regard to cam chain tension and cam timing/valve clearances... dump the sodium filled exhaust valves, keep on top of suspension bushes and ball joints, service the fantastic "4 point" distributor and give the carbs a decent tune... change the entire exhaust to a stainless system..... oh, change the waterpump seal and Oil seal behind it too...... fix the rot in the fuel tanks, tend to at least some of the oil leaks, re core the radiator and heater boxes, fix the broken seat furniture, re-cover the dash, oh and a full body resto...

and you'll have a bloody ripper of a car, that owes less than half a similar condition Daytona....

BUT, It'll never be as collectable/valuable as a Daytona.... so just enjoy it for that, and don't try to inflate its worth.

I love 'em to bits, but a Daytona with power steering fitted is the best..... :tilt:

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