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Very kind words i expected much worse to be honest.

I always saw the 348 to be a very nice looking tractor with a badge very agricultural but i must say thatís the charm of an early Ferrari

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rather ironic timing for the Senna line....

his deathday this weekend.... crashed a car he couldn't handle, you know  :thumbsup:

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Im still pissing myself laughing

ash did say something about him being brazilian....

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heres a simple answer, Ferrari is an experience not many people get to enjoy this

you want a 348 Ferrari so buy one, you wont be dissappointed just treat it with respect and it wont bite you

yes it has some quirks thats what makes it a Ferrari, take all the advice and make a decision

one thing you will enjoy is going to the garage opening the door on a sunny day and going for a blast or enjoying a track day

quite simple really :thumbsup:
try it you may like !!!

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Aircon controls bubbled...

Aircon has controls??? Hmmmm........  :p

Just my 2 cents, but I would rather the 355, but I do like the 348 as well, reminds me of the Mondial - Anyhoo Aircon might sell you his 355 cheap.................   :drink:

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Anyhoo Aircon might sell you his 355 cheap.................   :drink:

credit crunch...everything must go.

oh...wait....never mind.

I love my car. Buy your own

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If only this was RHD, I would go for an earlier model  :thumbsup:


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There is at least one 348 TB for sale in SA that I know of. The owner has recently purchased a 360 Modena and no longer required the 348. If you're serious, let me know and I will put you in touch. I don't know what year the car is though.

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I remember looking closely at the 348 when they first came out in Auckland in the Ferrari showroom. It was red/tan. I remember being quite impressed by how close the rear wheels were to the corner of the car and how it resembled a little Testarossa etc.

However, when I left the showroom a very hot MILF cruised past in a black TS with red leather and the roof off. Jesus, she was hot. This must've been in about 1991. I wasn't even 20, but the memory lives on!

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