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possibly but if he appeals it will go before the jury again

No it won't.  It would go before an appeal judge.

The truth is the jury heard the evidence of witnesses and must have been satisfied on the facts that he had committed the crime.  To call him innocent probably goes too far.  The witnesses must have described both cars screaming off into the distance from the traffic lights.

Surely driving away from the prang didn't help his chances of looking like an innocent bystander.

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the more i read this story, i don't know what to believe. it's clear that the media have only given us a small part of the story.

i think this was a unique case. i've lost count of the number of times i've seen drunk drivers who have caused deaths or people charged for death by dangerous driving simply walk free. personally, i think 3 years was very harsh. i don't want to get into what's right and what's wrong, but this isn't as bad as drunk driving or the typical death by dangerous driving. in the typical death by dangerous driving, people are charged when one of their own passengers were killed. this case, they were in separate cars, made their own choices, chose to take the risk. if they are smart enough to have a drivers licence, they are smart enough to know how dangerous it is to get involved in street racing. but to blame another driver because someone else died - that's like saying its the ford drivers fault the ferrari driver got involved - where does responsibility come in??

my view is, it's a bit much to call him guilty,  and that he was just used to send a message just the same way they sent glenn wheatley was given a harsh jail sentence - despite striking a deal with the DPP to give his full cooperation and to pay back all the taxes with interest - to send a message

although i do not want to make any insinuations, i do find it hard to believe after looking at the pictures of the accident, that the driver of the ford gt did not notice it happen. given they were driving close to each other, an accident like that should be noticeable and in my view would have made a fair bit of noise. mhh i agree, it doesn't make him look like an innocent bystander. but surely given the fact that he voluntarily turn himself in means this isn't so important.

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this is either a substantial miscarriage of justice, a precedent to deter other would be street racers, or theres something in the hearing transcript that we don't know about.

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Don't really want to bang on about this but looking at the wreckage of the Ferrari, it would have been a huge crash, it would have looked like the sort of crash that was not going to end well. Granted, the wreck probably looks bad cos' I would say that it has had the Jaws of Life through it, I know from experience that this makes a wreck look a lot worse than when it started out. You would not drive away from this, if you saw it happen!!!!

Talking to TOG police that I know, here in Vic, they have been told that it is zero tolerance when it comes to Hoons and drag racing. So I would agree this is "a precedent to deter other would be street racers". Yes, it is a harsh jail sentence but it may make a lot of people think before they plant the foot next time someone gives them a rev at the traffic lights.

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well as i personly know
the were not side buy side
ther was a bus in celica in the left lane gt in the right
and behind the gt-p was a subaru
followed buy the ferrari

so it was not a rev then they gunned it

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the more i read this story the more i side with the falcon driver
I knew the Falcon driver personally. He took off at the lights faster than usual because a bus come flying up behind him, and the Ferrari driver must've thought he wanted to drag, so he took off like a lunatic. That's the story which was told to us anyway.

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If you own a Ferrari - why would you bother racing Ford (unless it was a GT 40). Street racing is for wankers - take it to the track.
It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again.

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The girl that was just a pax was my sister & she wasnt just a pax to me or her family or friends. There is alot more to this story then any of you know. The details behind it & what happened and why are alot more involved. I will never get to see my sister again nor will i ever get to hold her again. She will never see her nephew grow up & has never gotten to meet her niece. Just because it is not a death in your family it is still a person with family. Try to remember that before you state nasty or uneccesary views

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Fullfacts, I'm very sorry for your loss, as I'm sure all here are. Nobody has made any negative comments about your sister, and we all agree it is a tragic and unnecessary loss of her life and the driver's life.

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I fail to see how the Ford driver is responsible for the deaths, if the Ferrari driver didn't race there would be no crash.

The Ford driver didn't make him speed he made that decision himself.

Tragic especially for the innocent girl.

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