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According to the radio a 55yo Perth Ferrari owner has lost his car for 7 days after being caught doing 270kmh.

Can't find any info online yet.

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According to the radio a 55yo Perth Ferrari owner has lost his car for 7 days after being caught doing 270kmh.

Can't find any info online yet.
Only 7 days :eek:

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It was a local journalist hahaa!


That's hilarious!  Ferrari (and Ateco) must be fuming that one of their two test cars is impounded prior to media reviews.  Does anyone know the area in the WA "wheatbelt" where the driver was caught?

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Yeah I know the road, its a common location for a nice country drive....perfect for testing a Ferrari!  :D

Very long and straight in areas with a few slight turns, and not much traffic.

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Mind you I think Ateco will get it back sooner, well depends on what WA's rules are. Jameszilla was telling me about a time one of the club members got an Aston (IIRC) impounded, but they got the car out after going to the cops and explaining that it was a club car.

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Is it just me or are they going to milk this for all they can.  :?

Police have impounded a rare Ferrari California - one of only two in Australia - after its driver was allegedly clocked driving at 231km/h through the West Australian Wheatbelt.

Sergeant Greg Lambert said the rare red sports car had been recorded travelling more than twice the legal limit when spotted by police just before noon today.

Sergeant Lambert said the Ferrari's 57-year-old male driver would be charged with reckless driving.

"Just because a car is worth a lot of money, it doesn't give the driver any better road sense," he said.

The $470,000 Ferrari has been impounded for 28 days and towed to a police receival unit in Perth.


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'Shattering' Ferrari impounded after 231km/h test

Driving a Ferrari California - one of just two in the country - is a " shattering" experience.

That's what one motoring writer said after driving the $472,000 sports car.

The word applies in more than one way after the Financial Review motoring writer Rod Easdown was allegedly clocked doing 231km/h in a 110 km/h speed zone in the West Australian Wheatbelt.

Police have impounded the supercar for seven days.

And that could mean a number of his colleagues who were waiting to review the car this week will be forced to miss out.

But it is understood the review car is much in demand and it is unlikely test drives can be rescheduled.

Easdown was driving the car on the first of three days of test drives arranged by Ferrari dealer Ateco Automotive for a a select group of West Australian motoring journalists when he was stopped by police yesterday.

He has been charged with reckless driving.

Ateco, which does not wish to comment on the incident, has two of the Ferraris - one in a police pound, the other in Auckland.

Another four are due to be delivered to dealers across the country, with the waiting list of Australian buyers standing at 200. The first customer delivery is expected this week to a Ferrari enthusiast in Queensland.

So what is the car like to drive?

It is a "civilised, pampering" experience, "the perfect way to enjoy" a drive through the Australian countryside, wrote The Age's Andrew Heasley after testing the car last month.

"Nothing can prepare you for the metallic rasp that leaps from the four pipes stacked in two clusters when blipped at idle. `It's shattering."

And shattered is what The West Australian's Steve Lague and the Sunday Times' Neil Dowling, may feel as the car sits in a WA police pound as their test dates pass by.

"I'd definitely been looking forward to it," said Lague, who was due to test the car tomorrow.

"I'm sure Ferrari will try and look after us ... hopefully it's just a delay of a couple of days."

Lague said his first reaction to hearing there had been an "incident" involving the Ferrari yesterday was to hope motoring colleague Easdown was OK.

He said motoring writers understood they followed the same road rules as everyone else, and said yesterday's alleged speeding may have been only a small "slip of concentration".

"To get to 230km/h in a Ferrari you're probably looking at 8-10 seconds, and that's from zero.

"If you're already doing 110km/h, in 4-5 seconds you could be doing those sorts of speeds.

"He may have just put his foot down momentarily to see what the acceleration is like. Five minutes later you're sitting on the side of the road being booked ... it can happen really quickly."


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 Rod Eastlake/Journo

Toodyay in the Swan Valley  231Kph allegedlly!!!!   :doh:

that would have been an interesting conversation :thumbsup:

officer would you beleive I left the oven on at home or my foot slipped :thumbsup:
try it you may like !!!

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