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I think I should go into business recording the engine/exhaust sounds of nice cars properly

Good idea. Have you done any yet?

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Hey everyone

Picked her up yesterday, had the arduous task of driving it from Syd to Canberra in ferocious rain and wind, so not a great into!

After driving it around all day, I've figured out some changes I'd like, and would appreciate any pointers.

1. New exhaust - I'm leaning towards the capristo.
2. The centre console is a bit run down, and I'd like to replace with the carbon fibre centre console.

A few other things which I think may be maintenance issues ...

1. The window doesn't line up with the seal on the drivers side door (right at the top section), which when raining allows water to drip in (very annoying last night)
2. After driving this morning, it felt like there was a substantial amount of heat being released from the side vents next to the glass panel. There was also a slight burning smell (almost like the breaks were being very hardly used, which they weren't)
3. Lastly, the breaks seem quite soft (the M3 would stop on a dime, the 360 feels like it needs a fair bit of notice)

And very lastly, does anyone know any good mechanics in Canberra?

Thanks heaps guys :)

Hi there,

ok.. exhaust... Yes, Capristo are nice, but they are very expensive. There's a local made brand Mille Miglia, which are great value and overall good deal in sound/quality/lightness/appearance.

Console, yeah, they do that.... tip.... ONLY clean the car with things you'd clean a baby with. No alcohol based products, no perfumed stuff, no armourall or similar gimmicky cleaning stuff.... good old warm mild soapy water will clean ANYTHING.

window.... sounds like the lift mechanism/regulator needs adjusting... one end wears more than the other, need to remove the whole door trim and plastic lining, and go inside. Sometimes have to actually cut a slot in the door as factory does not provide for enough adjustment.

heat... err yup.... that noisy V8 thingy in the back is the engine... it makes heat, it's gotta get out... that's why they put them vents there :tilt: The only thing that smells like burning brakes is burning brakes, or clutch.

brakes... what do you mean by "soft"... a long and/or spongy pedal feel? That's not normal and it probably needs bleeding properly. Poor product knowledge/bad mechanical skill can often run the master cylinder low while bleeding giving that symptom.

if you mean the brake feels ok, but just doesn't retard the car quickly, then you may have an issue with the booster, or specifically the vacuum check valves are a common problem, or maybe just old pads and/or even old tyres which have gone off, check the tyre date code... if they're older than 2004, get some new ones.

No, sorry, don't know anyone in Canberra I'd recommend. But if you've got bad brakes, just go and do some laps of parliament house, you're sure to run into someone that could help  :tilt:

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Good idea. Have you done any yet?
no, never

I was thinking about it just now, there are relatively cheap portable digital recorders with stereo decent quality microphones made for field recording that surely do timecode as well
most have inputs for real microphones (phantom powered)

something like this is more convenient

otherwise I would need a laptop with a real audio interface (not the inbuilt crap), 2 good microphones, a dual channel mic pre, and a tube compressor

if I could fit a car in my studio that would be easier

or I could wheel my gear out into the street, its on wheels at least



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One of my flatmates does that on the side over here... Usually just for friends though.

If you're not wasted, the day is.

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Yeup that Uber did. Shane's pix here.


Bought the bits from a mob in Japan, can look them up if needed - about 3K for the centre console from memory and sameish for door inserts. They are all ridiculously light and well made, and I could argue they're for performance, but obviously it's 99.99% about the look  :)
C'mon, do it!

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