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you don't need no iced white lines to lose traction!

hmmmm... ice.... white lines....


Here's the vid of Ruski's in a tunnel sticking it in

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wO2sApvTXc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wO2sApvTXc</a>

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Here's the vid of Ruski's in a tunnel sticking it in

good ol' scud will get a laugh out of that, hey?
I love my car. Buy your own

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imagine if that bus was full of people  :eek:

and whats with the 2 trucks... where the hell did the 2nd one come from. is there a slip lane out of picture? looks like the truck rolls and turns into 2 trucks...  :scratchchin:

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Some of those cars were flying through the tunnel compared to the other cars. Looks like they don't like shoulder checking in Russia!

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According to todays newspaper, he only had it for 2 days :eek:

The last few Ferrari's that I've heard of being smashed have all been owned for under a month. Getting a little too excited before flooring the accelerator??

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so it goes into the wrecking system and someone gets a great donor for a project!

and an overpayed premadonna get to learn thats really, he's a loser...

we're all winners :thumbsup:

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Hmmmm???   :scratchchin:

The crash happened Thursday morning as the Portuguese footballer was headed to practice with his team, Machester United, when he lost control of the Ferrari in a tunnel under the Manchester Airport. His teammate, Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, was trailing behind in his own Bentley. Upon seeing the accident, van der Sar pulled over to aide his teammate. Although shaken up, Ronaldo was uninjured in the crash. The pair drove to the Man U practice in van der Sar's luxury coupe.

That may have been enough for Ronaldo to forget about the £200,000 he had just wrecked. He showed up to training today in his own Bentley Continental GT Speed. Last September, Ronaldo ditched a Bentley Continental GTC in favor of the GT Speed. He has an impressive collection of vehicles, including a Bugatti Veyron, Rolls Royce Phantop Drophead Coupe, two Porsche Cayennes, and a BMW M6.

The Ferrari was his latest acquisition. He had just purchased the red 599 GTB, with a top speed of 205 mph, earlier in the week.

Despite his collection, Ronaldo's UK driving days may soon be over. One of the largest insurance brokers in the United Kingdom, AA, claims they have not been able to get a single offer from any of their providers. "We cannot find anybody who would touch him with a bargepole," a spokesman for AA told The Guardian.

The spokesman continued to discuss the high risk of insuring a footballer, and not simply because of off-field behaviour. "It's not just the cost of the car itself. Imagine if there were three premiership footballers in one car and they received injuries that meant they couldn't play again," he said.
"We would be paying out for loss of earnings, paying sponsors for failure to fulfil contracts – the costs just go on and on."

But the underwriting manager at insurance firm Adrian Flux says anything is possible. "It can be done," Gerry Buck said. "It just depends how much money he is prepared to pay. Off the top of my head I would think it would be £40,000 as an absolute minimum and possibly quite a lot more."

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United teammates bought their mate a children's pedal car to replace the winger's destroyed car. Ronaldo crashed his two-day-old Ferrari 599 GTB just over a week ago on his way to a team practice.

Since the accident, Ronaldo has been driving a £140,000 Bentley Continental GT Speed. Man U players, apparently sick of hearing the Portugese star go on and on about his totaled £200,000 Italian supercar, bought the toy and parked it next to the Bentley.

Ronaldo appreciated the joke, laughing hysterically upon seeing the toy. “All the lads were laughing as he scooped it up and put it in the back of his car. It put a smile on his face—and he said he’ll give it to a local hospital or good cause,” a source told London paper News of the World.

Ronaldo, who earns £110,000 per week, decided to get the Ferrari fixed instead of waiting for a new one. The waiting list for a Ferrari 599 GTB is over one year.


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Airport insurance claim over Ronaldo's Ferrari crash

Manchester Airport is pursuing an insurance claim against footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for the damage he caused when he crashed his Ferrari in a tunnel, airport bosses confirmed today.

The Manchester United winger walked away uninjured after he wrote off his sports car in the collision last month.

The Portuguese player's vehicle bounced off the walls of the tunnel on the A538 near the airport which takes traffic under the runways between Wilmslow and Hale.

His £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Spider then struck a metal handrail which guarded an emergency exit door and came to a halt when one of the wheels came off.

It is understood Ronaldo faces a £20,000 bill to pay for repairs to damaged brickwork, buckled railings and the smashed exit door.

A Manchester Airport spokesman said: "Part of the airport's infrastructure was damaged in a road traffic accident and as is normal practice our insurers are talking to the other party's insurance company."

Ronaldo, 23, was driving to Manchester United's training ground near Sale when the collision took place on January 8 at about 10.20am.

Team-mate Edwin van der Sar was travelling behind at the time of the crash and later gave him a lift to training.

Greater Manchester Police continue to investigate the incident.


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