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Agree 100% Mark.  The same as the Hume Hwy from Melbourne to Aubury and continuing on to Sydney.  That road would suit140- 160kph.

We cruised at around 200-250kph on sections of the Autobahn where it was safe to do so.  The 911 was such a great car I fell asleep and my business partner told me he got 272kph.  Very planted car, probably helped with 2 adults and baggage in the front of the car.

Were they cramped in that small boot? Did you give them bus fare home?  :tilt:

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Agree 100% Mark.  The same as the Hume Hwy from Melbourne to Aubury and continuing on to Sydney.

At least on the Hume people are reasonably sensible, the Princess Freeway to Geelong was like dodgem cars, and many of them were tandem trucks.

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  Our crap roads don't help the driving standard.

Depends where. There were some Autostradas in Italy that were dangerous at 120kph. Same in Australia, some crap roads but most of them that I travel on can easily accommodate high speeds without any issues - multiple lanes, smooth surfaces, kangaroo fences on either side, etc, which makes maintained high speed travel very safe, and by the same token, 110kph down right dangerous due to fatigue.
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You're at least  as argumentative!

They don't realise they're speeding/tailgating because they're too busy facebooking and texting... Ignorant to risks!
Lane dodging I'm sure they know they're doing yes..

My point is, they don't know what they're doing, so they don't realise the risks.

They're not ignoring known risks.

yeah....all great points, but you're still wrong.

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