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Offline PA

  • One man comedy gala

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  • Location: www.club-carbon.com
How to keep the grammatically challenged off the Internet.

If the atrocious illiteracy of the average Internet commenter has ever driven you to anger, frustration, or violent homicidal thoughts, you'll love this series of Internet CAPTCHAs,   created by Matthew Baldwin. By requiring you to discern from various   sets of simple but somehow commonly mistaken words just to be allowed   online, these CAPTCHAs would rapidly rid the web of phrases like "Your an idiot" and "I'm definately   getting Nickelback tickets." We dream of a day when this Internet   entrance exam is mandatory, creating a grammatically sound, idiot-free   online experience for the four of us who actually pass it. Below are   several of the other word options you might encounter when taking it,   followed by the screen that greets you if you fail.

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you forgot redickqueless man.

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Brake/break, lose/loose... :irked:

Rather ironically had an accident report today that the lady "tired to break her car before crashing"
didn't work  :doh:
Convict by heritage, Guilty by Choice

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The difference between success and failure is a business that knows its shit and a business that knows it's shit.

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