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I've fixed a few friends websites using this:


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So being a customer of VentraIP, i recieved this email.

Important information regarding Distribute.IT
This is the first in a series of emails I will be sending you today, and I would kindly ask you to take the time to read through this information as it may affect you or your services with us.

I would like to have a brief discussion with you regarding the recent issues with Distribute.IT.

As you may or may not be aware, two weeks ago Australian domain name registrar Distribute.IT was the victim of a malicious attack from hackers who succeeded in permanently destroying massive amounts of customer data, and effectively brought the company to its knees.

After more than ten days of recovery efforts by Distribute.IT's operators, they made the decision to accept an offer from the Netregistry Group to purchase the assets of the company, and Netregistry has now begun a swift course of action to rebuild the data as best as possible and restore core services to Distribute.IT customers as quickly as possible.

VentraIP Group was a customer of Distribute.IT for many years. Up until December 2010 they were our primary supplier of global top-level domains (.com, .net, .org, etc), and up until September 2010 they were our primary supplier of .au domain names. They were still our primary supplier of SSL Certificates.

The impact of Distribute.IT's demise has been far reaching. At this stage, there have been more than 4,800 of their customers websites potentially lost, and many resellers unable to give answers to their clients. To make matters worse, there have been several media reports surfacing that are factually incorrect and the cause of a lot of unnecessary panic.

Netregistry have advised us that Distribute.IT's domain management system should be restored by this afternoon, and after some quick testing, we will make management of those domains accessible from VIPControl.

Our response
In light of this event, our technical team have conducted a sweeping security audit across our corporate servers to double check our existing security measures and to lock down anything else they feel could be potentially exploited in a worst case scenario.

Access to our corporate servers has also been restricted to the highest possible level, and our hardware firewalls have been configured to apply filter rules to all publicly accessible IP's on these servers which prevents any access to non-standard ports from a source that is not in our trust list.

We are confident that our security measures are up to scratch and in some cases excessive, and that all necessary precautions have been taken to secure our corporate servers and customer data from any unauthorised access.

How does this affect you?
Unless you have domain names with us that were using Distribute.IT as the registrar, or you've purchased services from another company who also use Distribute.IT, this event should not affect you.

There are approximately 3,000 customers who have not actioned our previous emails regarding the transfer of .au domain names from Distribute.IT to VentraIP. If you did not submit your .au domain names for transfer from DistributeIT to VentraIP inside VIPControl, you will need to do this before you will be able to manage these domain names again.

This process will be available in VIPControl once access is restored to Distribute.IT's system. I will let you know by email when this system is back up and running, and at that time I strongly recommend you login to VIPControl and complete this process as soon as possible.

We have approximately 6,000 other domain names in Distribute.IT's system, the majority of which are gTLD's (.com, .net, .org, etc). You will be able to manage these domain names once Distribute.IT's system has been restored. In the coming weeks we will have a new transfer system in place for these domain names, so at this stage we ask that unless absolutely necessary to leave these domains where they are.

SSL Certificates
As Distribute.IT was our provider of SSL Certificates, we have been unable to accept any new orders for SSL's in the last two weeks. We have been working on a new solution for a number of weeks and details of that partnership should be made available through a joint press release within the next two weeks.

In the interim, if you urgently require an SSL Certificate for your website, you should consider purchasing it from another supplier and asking our team to install it for you.

Please note: You are receiving this email as an active customer of VentraIP. If you are no longer an active customer, please close your account in VIPControl.

And also received this, the first email from DistributeIT about anything..

Dear Chris,

On June 23rd, following the well publicised security incident with DistributeIT (and their retail arm, Click'n go), the Netregistry Group Ltd acquired the customer assets of the business.

Whilst we wanted to provide you access to the system this evening, unfortunately, this was not possible. As part of our overall security process all partner and end user logins to the management systems have been reset.

Your new admin account password is:

You will use this with your normal admin username, which for obvious reasons, isn't included in this email. Unfortunately, you can not currrently log into the system. Our engineers are currently working on stabilising the infrastructure and will continue to do so over the weekend. As soon as the services are operational, the following page will be updated: www.netregistry.com.au/distributeit.

We recognise how truly horrific this has been to your businesses, and please be assured we are doing everything in our power to restore functionality to all systems as quickly as is possible.

Kind Regards,

Larry Bloch

dun dun daaaaaaaa :mischief:

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