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want to see what articles were in the news about the aussie formula one GP in 1985...?

---> here ya go  :eek:

how about what the press was saying about Senna in 1994

---> http://news.google.com/archivesearch?q=senna&hl=en&sa=N&sugg=d&as_ldate=1994&as_hdate=1994&lnav=d1
[Ayrton Senna], a three-time Formula One champion, was pronounced dead at 6:40 p.m. at Maggiore Hospital in Bologna, about four hours after his Williams Renault went off the track at the Tamburello turn early in the race and crashed into a retaining wall at about 180 mph.

"Yes, they may sue the International Automobile Federation {FIA} and the Formula One Constructor's Organization {FOCA} for Senna's death," family spokesman Roberto Ferreira said in Sao Paulo. "But they are still in shock and no decision has been made."

or when some guy named Enzo Ferrari was just "a noted european driver"...

---> http://news.google.com/archivesearch?q=enzo+ferrari&hl=en&sa=N&sugg=d&as_hdate=1949

or for the truly astounding... what about this, articles about dangerous speeding drivers... from 1902  :eek:

---> http://news.google.com/archivesearch?q=speeding+&scoring=t&hl=en&sa=N&sugg=d&as_hdate=1919&lnav=dt

WILL LIMIT MOTORS' SPEED.; Senate Committee Reports Favorably on Bill to Restrict Rate of Travel on Highways.

January 30, 1902, Thursday

Senate Committee on Codes to-day favorably reported the Automobile bill introduced by Senator Cocks. The bill was amended so as to make the speed limit of automobiles on highways twenty miles an hour, eight miles an hour in cities, and four miles an hour over bridges and viaducts.

CRANE GRILLS GATES ON AUTO SPEED CHARGE; And Denounces All Rich Men Who Break the Law.

GLAD TO GET FINANCIER'S SON Holds Him for Trial, and Says the Richer They Are the Harder He'll Punish 'Em.

March 11, 1906, Sunday

Charles G. Gates, son of the Western financier, was before Magistrate Crane in the Morrisania Police Court yesterday charged with violating the speed ordinance in his automobile.

WARNING BY COURTS TO AUTO SPEEDERS; Judge Swann Instructs Grand Jury to Indict for Manslaughter Those Who Kill.

April 6, 1909, Tuesday

OWNERS GUILTY AS DRIVERS Magistrate Butts Holds Nine Speed Violators in $1,000 Each -- The New Society Begins Work.

Judge Edward Swann, in the Court of General Sessions, in charging the two April Grand Juries yesterday, laid down the law with reference to automobile speeding in a very positive manner. He referred to the numerous serious accidents recently, and told the jurors that chauffeurs, who recklessly maim or kill should be Indicted for manslaughter, or other glades of crime, and punished accordingly.

you have to pay for each article or subscribe to a service, but still, it's pretty cool.

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thats gold Ash...love the 1902 stuff.  20mph on the highway, sounds fair to me  :P
Team <200mph

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